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Our Certified Radioactive Source Security Professional (CRSP) programme consists of a single module for participants to complete. This programme is for anyone who has responsibilities for managing the security of radioactive sources. This could include leaders and managers of health care facilities, well logging operations, industry, research institutes, or even law enforcement agencies who want to enhance their knowledge about radioactive source security.

In particular, the programme will be useful for individuals who hold such job titles as Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Radiation Protection Officer (RPO), and Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA). These safety experts have often been given the responsibility to implement security policies and procedures because some basic measures, such as radioactive source inventories and control of access to radioactive sources, were already part of their responsibilities.

Such professionals will have a good knowledge of radiation protection and safety practices and the use of radioactive sources; however, they often do not receive any formal education or training in security and may therefore lack an in-depth understanding of security-related matters. This programme will help to fill this gap. In addition, the programme supports the professional development of regulatory personnel who have responsibilities for licensing and inspecting radioactive sources.




Radioactive Source Security Management

Programme Structure

The Radioactive Source Security Management programme consists of a single module. Due to the targeted nature of the programme, it does not require participants to enrol in the Foundation Module.

By the end of the programme, participants will have explored security threats and the risks arising from those threats. They will have examined security systems including administrative and technical measures that are put in place to protect and secure radioactive sources, mitigate the threats and minimise the risk of harmful events taking place. The programme also emphasises the crucial role of security culture and human reliability for the protection and security of radioactive sources.

The programme requires approximately 30 to 40 hours of self-study and concludes with a single examination. To receive CRSP certification, the exam pass grade for each module is 65% and participants will have the option to take the exams at a PearsonVUE test centre or by remote online proctoring.

Successful participants will earn the designation of Certified Radioactive Source Security Professional (CRSP).

The programme and exam are available in English, Spanish, Thai and Ukrainian, and the cost of the programme is 750 euros. A working knowledge of either language is required to successfully complete the programme and exam.

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Radioactive Source Security Management