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We have funded scholarships available for selected participants who come from certain countries and who have specific responsibilities for nuclear security related to the certification programme.

We also have scholarships available to support our commitment to increase the participation of women in nuclear security at all levels by promoting knowledge exchange, training, and professional certification.

Applications for scholarships are open to WINS Members and the selection of eligible participants is entirely at WINS’ discretion and consistent with the number of scholarships available at the time of submission.  

How Scholarships Work

If your request for a funded scholarship is accepted, you will be required to sign a Scholarship Agreement Form, confirming your commitment to complete the programme within the specified time period (6 months). You will receive access to your programme on our elearning platform and instructions on how to book your certification exams.

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Member Stories
I received a scholarship to complete the WINS Academy programme in April 2015 and a mere perusal of the Foundation Module changed my nuclear security perspective altogether.
Mafihla Maleka, South Africa
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