WINS Board members

William H. Tobey (Chair)

William Tobey’s career encompasses extensive management experience in defense policy, arms control and counter-proliferation, as well as in investment banking and venture capital. He served on the National Security Council Staff in three US administrations and also managed the US government’s largest programme to prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorism by detecting, securing and disposing of dangerous nuclear material.

Dr. John Barrett

Dr. John Barrett is currently President of Portolan Global Inc. Past experience includes serving as President and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Association. Dr. Barrett also served as Canada’s Ambassador to the IAEA, where he chaired its Board of Governors and acted as Canada’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization and to the United Nations in Vienna. In addition, he served as the Canadian Ambassador to Austria and to the Slovak Republic.

Lieutenant General Jean-Michel Chereau

General Jean-Michel Chereau currently serves as Senior Vice President, Protection Department Director, at Orano Group (formerly Areva Group). Prior to joining Areva in 2010, he acted as Lieutenant General of the French Military Intelligence Department (DRM), where he was responsible for Special Operations. Lieutenant General Chereau served most of his career in paratroop marines regiments of the French Army, from chief of the combat section to commanding officer.

Corey Hinderstein

Corey Hinderstein is former President of INMM and current Vice President of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI). Prior to returning to NTI after a three-year leave, she acted as senior coordinator for nuclear security and nonproliferation policy affairs at the National Nuclear Security Administration, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Ms Hinderstein brings deep expertise in international nuclear fuel cycle policy, improving global nuclear security, and arms control and nonproliferation verification.

Chris Chater

As Chief Technical Officer at URENCO Enrichment Group, Chris Chater is responsible for the management of technology, operations, engineering and design. He is also vice chair of ETC, a joint venture with Orano (formerly Areva) for the supply of centrifuges and related services. For the last 25 years, Mr Chater has concentrated on the front end nuclear fuel cycle. He has also worked in fusion research and decommissioning.

Ambassador Piet de Klerk

Ambassador Piet de Klerk has had a long career as a Dutch diplomat and still represents the Netherlands in projects like the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification. Prior positions have included acting as Special Counterterrorism Envoy; lead Sherpa for the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, Netherlands; Ambassador to Jordan; and Human Rights Ambassador. Ambassador de Klerk also served as chair of the Missile Technology Control Regime, the Nuclear Suppliers Group and the UN Disarmament Commission. From 1998 to 2003, he worked for the IAEA as Director of EXPO (External Affairs and Policy Coordination).

Jean Llewellyn OBE

Jean Llewellyn OBE established the UK National Skills Academy for Nuclear and acted as its CEO for 10 years. This initiative built on a career involving senior management, leadership and policy development roles in both the private and public sector. Ms Llewellyn also served as a member of the UK Government’s Nuclear Industry Council and as Chair of the Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance. In 2019 Ms Llewellyn was appointed to the rank of Chevalier in the Ordre national du Mérite by the French President. She also serves as a Non-Executive Director on the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation Board and as Chair of the Security Sub Group.

WINS Staff

Lars van Dassen Executive Director

Lars van Dassen has worked in the nuclear non-proliferation and security field for more than 30 years. His academic background is in international relations and political science. From 1993 till 2001, he was a scholar at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt and the Department for Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University.
In 2001, he joined the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) and became responsible for the implementation of international projects primarily in the field of nuclear security in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova and the Baltic States. Since 2008, he has served as Acting Department Head, Section Head and Director for the Office for External Relations at SSM. He was sous-sherpa for Sweden at the Nuclear Security Summits held between 2010 and 2016.

Pierre Legoux Head of Programme Implementation

Pierre Legoux joined WINS in 2010 as manager of the operational programme. His responsibilities include programme design, operation, budget control, review and quality standards. Prior to joining WINS, Pierre served as physical protection specialist at the IAEA’s Office of Nuclear Security, where he developed international recommendations and guidance documents for nuclear security and for strengthening the physical protection of nuclear and other radioactive materials in use, storage and transport. He is fluent in English and French.

Rhonda Evans Head of Programme Development

Rhonda Evans brings over 20 years of international and national experience in the field of nuclear safety and nuclear security to her position with WINS. Before joining WINS in August 2017, she served as a senior nuclear security officer at the IAEA in the Division of Nuclear Security. Rhonda also has extensive experience in capacity building in 171 IAEA Member States; 30 years of experience in regulation, governance and assurance; and is a lawyer specialised in nuclear law and regulation.

Przemyslaw Michalski Head of Organisational Functions

Przemyslaw Michalski is responsible for WINS' financial control systems, statutory reporting and grants management. He is also involved in WINS' financial strategy development and risk assessment. Prior to joining WINS in August 2018, Przemek worked many years in the private sector in Poland and Austria in the field of finance. He holds the designation of Chartered Management Accountant and speaks fluent Polish and English, with working knowledge of German and Russian.

Raquel Delgado Programme Manager

Raquel Delgado is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of operational and WINS Academy projects. Prior to joining WINS in May 2010, Raquel worked in the field of development cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa. She also worked in the Permanent Representation of Portugal to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Raquel is fluent in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and has a working knowledge of French.

Álvaro Acevedo Programme Manager

Álvaro Acevedo is responsible for coordinating and implementing various operational projects, including international workshops, training courses and ongoing special projects. Prior to joining WINS in June 2018, Álvaro worked as an engineer in a nuclear power plant in Spain. He is fluent in Spanish and English.

Roland Fletcher Academy and Communications Manager

Roland Fletcher is responsible for building a global community of Certified Nuclear Security Professionals while engaging with WINS members, Academy participants and alumni. Prior to joining WINS in June 2019, Roland spent 11 years at the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN), where he helped to facilitate the development and implementation of new industry-wide initiatives and concepts, including digital learning, national educational programmes, apprenticeship standards and end-point assessment.

Aleksandra Zilic Financial Project Controller

Aleksandra Zilic manages projects related to accounting and reporting, financial project control, forecasting and planning, and the improvement of quality management system processes. Prior to joining WINS in November 2014, Aleksandra worked for privately held companies and non-governmental organizations for 12 years in her home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is fluent in English and Bosnian and has a working knowledge of German.

Anubhav Shrivastava Information Technology Specialist

Anubhav Shrivastava oversees the maintenance and development of the frontend and backend of WINS’s website. He also provides technical support to the WINS Academy, Alumni Network and Knowledge Centre. Anubhav joined WINS in October 2014 as an intern and was hired fulltime in March 2015, bringing with him 15 years of experience in online content management, web development and multimedia. He is fluent in English, Hindi and intermediate knowledge of German.

Whitney Kathryn Isaacs WINS Academy Assistant

Whitney Kathryn Isaacs provides comprehensive administrative and project support to the WINS Academy. She is the primary point of contact for Academy participants and members. Additionally, she supports the preparation and implementation of various WINS Academy projects. Prior to joining WINS in June 2020, she worked extensively in the field of higher education and academia. Whitney is fluent in German and English and has working knowledge of Spanish.

Mehri Avlyakulova Executive Assistant

Mehri Avlyakulova manages administrative tasks and supports WINS operational and Academy projects. She also serves as a liaison to the WINS Board. Prior to joining WINS in May 2020, she worked as an English teacher in a public school in Belarus and later in the Czech Republic as a Technical Support Representative. Mehri is fluent in Turkmen, Russian, English and has a working knowledge of German and Czech.

Leyla Amur Editor/Writer Consultant

Leyla Amur joined the team in January 2021 as a contractor to cover maternity leave for WINS’ in-house editor/writer. She substantively edits all WINS publications and Academy modules, as well as helps to develop content and learning materials. She has seven years of prior editing experience covering various subjects, including the energy sector, marketing and technology. Leyla is fluent in English and conversant in Turkish.

Yasmina Jennane Project Officer

Yasmina Jennane is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing various projects at WINS such as international workshops, training and special projects. Prior to joining WINS in March 2021, Yasmina had 12 years of experience in corporate intelligence, public affairs and business development - seven years of which she spent in the airline industry. Yasmina is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

Anida Celikovic Membership Manager and Project Support

Anida Celikovic manages WINS Membership and supports WINS operational and WINS Academy projects and events. Prior to joining WINS in October 2017, Anida gained experience in translation/interpretation, office management and event organisation. Anida speaks fluent English and Bosnian and has working knowledge of German.

Tomas Bieda Project Manager

Tomas commenced working at WINS in October 2021. He is sponsored by the US Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Global Material Security (GMS), and will be focusing on nuclear security issues and capacity building in the Latin American region.

Tomás Bieda brings almost 10 years of experience in the field of nuclear security at the national and international level. He worked for the Office of International Nuclear Security (INS) of the USA National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Before that, he has served as Director of Nuclear Security Policies and Nonproliferation and worked for the Nuclear Regulatory Authority in Argentina. Tomas is fluent in English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of French, Portuguese and German.

Viviana Espinosa Moreno WINS Gender Programme Intern

Viviana Espinosa Moreno joined WINS in September 2021 as an Intern to support the implementation of the WINS Gender Programme. Viviana is assisting in the development of best practices and guidelines for gender parity and in the research of innovative approaches in diversity and inclusion.

In the past, Viviana has served as a research assistant at the International Cultural Diversity Organisation (ICDO). Viviana has specialised in social and cultural anthropology and international development. Viviana is fluent in Spanish, English and has a working knowledge of German.

Bethany Woodward Graphic Designer & Website Design Manager - On Leave

Bethany Woodward joined the team in October 2019 and is responsible for managing all print and digital graphic content produced throughout WINS. She has six years prior design experience working in the both the UK and the USA in the fields of retail & marketing and architecture. Bethany is fluent in English and has a working knowledge of German.

Suzanne Carlson Editor/Writer - On Leave

Suzanne Carlson substantively edits all WINS publications, including the Academy modules. She also develops online and offline content and learning materials. Before joining WINS in October 2019, she worked as an editor covering the energy industry. In addition to being a native speaker of English, she is conversant in German, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese.