WINS’ Strategic Outlook Until 2026

In 2021, the WINS team envisioned one main overarching goal to be achieved by 2026, which is to “be of service to the entire world and to address all security issues related to nuclear and other radioactive facilities, activities and materials, whether under or outside of regulatory control.” We commit to working toward reaching three operational goals in achieving the overarching goal. The WINS team invites you to read about these goals in detail by scrolling through the following section and by downloading our strategy below.

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Operational Goal 1: Being an International Forum

WINS aims to be an international forum for nuclear security professionals and stakeholders through activities such as creating more professional development opportunities and remaining an active supporter of the global nuclear security community.

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Operational Goal 2: Extending Influence

Another aim is to extend WINS’ influence to a broader range of stakeholders involved in all areas of nuclear security by engaging in activities such as providing leadership in gender parity, diversity and inclusion in the sector, as well as expanding areas of engagements with various organisations.

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Operational Goal 3: Developing Further

WINS aspires to develop WINS as a high-quality professional institute further and ensure the continuous improvement of WINS’ in-house capabilities to provide high-quality services through investing in its workforce and diversifying the organisation’s funding base, among other activities.

Supporting Partners

Numerous governmental and nongovernmental organisations provide us with funding. We gratefully acknowledge their belief in our mission and the support that they have given us over the years.

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Our Members

Our members consist of both individuals and organisations. Their willingness to contribute their time and expertise to developing and sharing best practices with the wider nuclear security community is fundamental to our work.

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Quality Management

Quality Management

We are committed to providing the highest quality services to our members and to careful stewardship of our funding. We also believe that excellence and quality should be determined by external measurements, not simply by self-assessment.

This is why we proactively seek audits from external organisations on the quality of our services and financial management. We have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 29990 certification. We also highly value feedback from our members and other stakeholders.

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Quality Management

Annual Report

Our annual report presents an overview of our membership, services, stakeholders, achievements, financial performance, quality management and strategy.

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