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Once WINS Academy participants complete their programme and successfully pass the final examination, they become a Certified Nuclear Security fundamentals Professional (CNSfP) or as a Certified Nuclear Security specialised Professional (CNSsP) and are invited to join the WINS Alumni Network and community.
WINS Alumni

Alumni Statistics

of our participants are from developing countries 79%

of our participants are from developing countries

of participants are half way through 150+

of participants are half way through

CNS<sup>f</sup>Ps and CNS<sup>s</sup>Ps 650+

CNSfPs and CNSsPs

Alumni Benefits

WINS Academy CNSfPs and CNSsPs enjoy a variety of benefits.

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Access to the Alumni Network Platform

Alumni have their own member dashboard page on the WINS website, which gives them easy access to all WINS information. This includes their personal information about the modules they have studied and passed as well as as access to the latest news and events and the complete library of information in the Knowledge Centre.

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Ability to Contribute

The challenges of ensuring the security of nuclear and other radioactive materials can only be met when people work together, each contributing their knowledge, experience and best practices. WINS Alumni contribute to this solution by networking and communicating with each other, participating in ongoing learning opportunities, and sharing what they've learned in the workplace. They also share their opinions in WINS surveys and make suggestions for how we can improve our workshops, training courses and publications.

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Ability to Network with Other Certified Professionals

The  Network Platform gives alumni the ability to communicate with other CNSfPs and CNSsPs from around the world. This enables alumni to ask questions, contribute solutions, and network with professionals from across the nuclear security spectrum.

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Ongoing Learning Opportunities

In addition to receiving WINS' regular monthly e-newsletter, our Alumni receive quarterly reports on WINS activities and top priority for attending WINS events.

Alumni Member Stories
Now, having passed both the Foundation Module and the Elective Module for Executive Managers, I must admit that I have gained a lot of new ideas and perspectives. As shown in the elective, combining security and business is very important nowadays. It is crucial to know how to speak the business language and how to prove to others that your security programme is effective.
Jussi Kivinen, Finland
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WINS Academy Ambassadors

WINS Academy Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are Certified Professionals (CNSfPs and CNSsPs) who, with the support of their own institution, volunteer to promote the WINS Academy training and certification programme in their country.

They provide an invaluable service to WINS because they have first-hand experience with our programme, have a high regard for the training they have received, and are eager to share this knowledge with others.

We currently have 32 Ambassadors in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Germany, Ghana, India, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zimbabwe.

WINS Academy Ambassadors