Nuclear Security Regulation

This module covers the international legal instruments as well as the national governmental, legal and regulatory frameworks that inform and support effective nuclear security regulation. The five-unit programme and the examination are offered in English.



The audience for this module consists of regulatory staff who are responsible for the licensing, regulation and oversight of security for nuclear and other radioactive materials. The module is also relevant to those with responsibilities for regulatory compliance at the licensee/operator of facilities with nuclear or other radioactive material. It also provides useful guidance and knowledge for stakeholders who wish to gain a better understanding of regulations and have an interest in helping to ensure that the regulatory regime is both effective and efficient.

Regulatory staff who are responsible for the licensing, regulation and oversight of security for nuclear and other radioactive materials
Professionals with responsibilities for regulatory compliance at the licensee/operator of facilities with nuclear or other radioactive material
Stakeholders who wish to gain a better understanding of regulations

The fundamental objective of nuclear regulation is to ensure the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy in any given State. This can only be achieved with the promulgation and implementation of effective national legal infrastructure, where nuclear security regulatory bodies have appropriate responsibilities to set requirements, monitor licensee performance, and take appropriate action when licensees are not in compliance with the requirements. The approach to regulation within a State is an important factor in the relationship between regulatory bodies, their licensees and the public, giving confidence that adequate measures are in place for the prevention and detection of, as well as response to, criminal or other intentional unauthorised acts involving or directed to nuclear and other radioactive material, associated facilities, and associated activities.

Module Code WINS-REG2_EN
Edition Number 2
Number of Units 5
Release Date 25th April 2022
Recommended Experience Professional experience and/or Foundation Module
Available Languages English, Spanish
Certification Validity 5 years



Understand the features of nuclear law that inform the legal and regulatory framework for nuclear security


Appreciate the role of international instruments in supporting a national nuclear security regulatory framework


Examine the role of the State in the creation of a legal and regulatory framework for nuclear security


Appreciate the considerations for establishing a regulatory body, its activities and the legal powers it requires


Understand the different regulatory approaches for nuclear security regulation and challenges that a State may face in considering new issues


Comprehend the functions and activities of a regulatory body for materials out of regulatory control


Appreciate the requirements to demonstrate competency in nuclear security for both the regulator and licensee


Recognise how a regulatory framework covers the interface between safety, security and safeguards; nuclear security culture; and security by design


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Exam Code WINS-REG2_EN
Number of Questions 45
Type of Questions Multiple choice
Length of Exam 45 minutes (plus 15 minutes for non-native English speakers)
Pass Score 65%
Test Provider Pearson VUE
Exam Option At a test centre or online via remote proctoring


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