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The requirement to undergo professional development and certification has long played a crucial role in such professions as law, medicine, insurance and information technology. Professional certifications earned through accredited testing are one of the best ways to assess an individual’s level of knowledge, skill and experience. Professional societies use certification to benchmark and improve the quality and relevance of a profession, employers seek out credentialed professionals, and government agencies and licensing bodies often mandate certification to practice.

Why Certify?

In the nuclear industry, certifications are often required of individuals employed in nuclear safety; until now, however, the same has not been true of nuclear security. Thanks to the WINS Academy and its certification programme, this situation is beginning to change.

This gift basket underscores the importance of the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) and the certified training courses provided by the WINS Academy for managers and personnel involved in nuclear security. Along with other States that have provided support to the Academy, Canada encourages the further expansion of the WINS academy's certification program.

--National Statement of Canada, 1 April 2016 (IAEA INFCIRC/901)

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WINS offers the chance for any learner to cancel their enrolment (i.e. withdraw from the programme). In order to withdraw, a learner must contact WINS at stating the programme to be cancelled.

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Advantages of certification

WINS Academy Certified Professionals see a range of benefits in their current workplaces and longer-term career path. To learn more about the experiences of WINS Alumni, see our Alumni Report.

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Certified Professional designation

Having the CNSfP and CNSsP designation will help to distinguish you from your peers. It will give you professional credibility, earn you recognition within the workplace, increase your earning potential, strengthen your job marketability, and give you greater job mobility.

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Maintaining your certification

Recertifying your WINS professional designation every five years will ensure that your knowledge and expertise continue to grow. It will also demonstrate that you have discipline and self-motivation and are dedicated to your profession.

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