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WINS Releases Security of Advanced Reactors Report

WINS Releases Security of Advanced Reactors Report

The World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS), in partnership with the Nuclear Threat Initiative, is proud to release our Special Report on the Security of Advanced Reactors. This report has been drafted to encourage advanced reactor developers, supported by their regulators, to incorporate security into their designs as early as possible. In their forward to the report, Ambassador Laura Holgate and Ray Rothrock observe that:

“These new reactors can be designed to incorporate modern security elements that make it easier to prevent theft or sabotage – and their suitability for deployment should be judged on the degree to which they do so. Because these advanced reactors operate differently from the well-understood light-water fuel cycle around which most current security concepts are designed, security experts must be involved early to understand and guide designs to account for current and future security risks and threats.”

The report provides a high-level perspective of the international instruments, standards and guidance that influence national laws and regulations governing the deployment of advanced reactors in different States. It also reviews the specific security considerations and challenges of the various reactor designs in meeting regulatory requirements and concludes with an overview of security by design methodologies that could be adopted by advanced reactor developers. In addition, the report offers a series of five recommendations to help developers, regulators and other stakeholders to incorporate security by design and move forward with a successful licensing process.

The full report is available to members in our Knowledge Centre.

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