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Meeting a WINS Academy Ambassador: Hayleigh Dowsett

Meeting a WINS Academy Ambassador: Hayleigh Dowsett

The WINS Academy is thrilled to welcome Hayleigh Dowsett as the most recent WINS Academy Ambassador. Ms Dowsett is a Senior Security Consultant at the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory. Before joining the National Nuclear Laboratory, she worked at Sellafield for more than a decade. To learn more about Ms Dowsett, what inspired her to become a WINS Ambassador and her advice for learners and anyone interested in the WINS Academy, read the interview below.

What was your elective for the WINS Academy? Why did you choose it?

I have always supported WINS’ aim to build an international community, driving continuous development for nuclear security professionals, bringing people together to enhance knowledge and share learning. I believe the work WINS are doing is vital to international collaboration.

What inspired you to become a WINS Academy Ambassador?

I believe having the underpinning knowledge becomes a skill when applied and provides the foundations required to embed a strong community and great culture. The WINS Academy Programme provides this underpinning knowledge, and I am delighted to advocate for the Academy, workshop and training.

What advice do you have for current WINS Academy learners or those considering enrolling?

Stop considering and enrol! Become a certified professional. You won’t be disappointed.

How has your WINS Academy training helped you in your current job position?

Learning about the history and origin of international laws and nuclear security guidance helped explain how the nuclear industry has developed over time, and security became more prominent.

How do you think advancing gender equality, diversity and inclusion would enhance your field?

Working in a male-dominated environment, I am regularly the only women with a seat at the table. Increasing gender equality, diversity and inclusion encourages different perspectives and reduces the chance of group think and possible blind spots. We need to move away from terminology like ‘female leader’ and simply refer to people as leaders – a person should be considered for their skills, qualities, and enthusiasm regardless of their gender, ethnicity and race.

What advice would you give women who are entering the field?

I would advise them to lean in, be ambitious and know your worth.


Questions for the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

How has your organisation benefited from Hayleigh achieving a certification from the WINS Academy?

Yes, Hayleigh can bring any relevant best practice directly into NNL. NNLs ambition is to lead via thought leadership in nuclear security and having NNL represented via Hayleigh at WINS allows us to demonstrate this ambition. Collaboration is also a key attribute as the UK’s national lab something we need/must engage more readily.

What role does WINS certification play in your institution’s professional development programme?

No direct involvement at this stage however with Hayleigh becoming an ambassador it allows us to understand how it can apply and align with other international partners.

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