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WINS Marks Milestone in Delivering Cybersecurity Course at Lancaster University in the UK

WINS Marks Milestone in Delivering Cybersecurity Course at Lancaster University in the UK

Between 15-19 April, the WINS Academy delivered a training course on cybersecurity in the nuclear industry at Lancaster University. The course – which brought together 22 nuclear industry professionals in the UK – was the first collaboration between WINS and Lancaster University.

Image:  Professor Nigel Davies – Head of The School of Computing and Communications, InfoLab21, Lancaster University addressing the delegates during the course opening. Source: WINS

The aim of this course was to meet the growing demand to understand the security of operational technology and information technology, through practical and engaging demonstrations and group exercises. The five-day training course built awareness of the cyber threat to nuclear facilities and discussed implementing cybersecurity measures to reduce the risk from cyber attacks.

The materials used in the course were derived from the WINS Academy module Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry with subject matter experts and guest speakers from the Austrian Institute for Technology, Office for Nuclear Regulation, Nuclear Transport Solutions and Lancaster University.

The course was held at the School of Computing and Communications in InfoLab on Lancaster University’s campus, providing delegates with the opportunity to take advantage of world-class teaching facilities. At the end of the first day, delegates attended an evening social event to network and informally meet other delegates and tutors outside the classroom setting.

Image: Delegates attending the training course: Source: WINS

Upon completion of the course, delegates were provided access to the CYBSEC2 online learning platform to set them up on a pathway to achieve certification to become a WINS Certified Nuclear Security Specialisation Professional (CNSsP).


Image: The School of Computing and Communications, InfoLab21, Lancaster University, UK. Source: WINS


Roland Fletcher, Head of Certification and Training, said the following, “This is the second course delivered exclusively to a UK audience, with the first delivered in Vienna at the Austrian Institute of Technology to prove the transferability to the UK. Having a UK base now secured at the InfoLab21 Cybersecurity Facility at Lancaster University enables delivery of the learning required by the nuclear sector and DESNEZ strategy for cybersecurity. With the excellent feedback received from delegates, WINS is making this part of its approach and commitments towards continued professional development, with a next course in the planning phase for a September 2024 delivery, once again at Lancaster University.”

Individuals based in the UK with an interest in attending future courses should email info@wins.org for more information about the confirmed delivery dates in September and the requirements to register for the course.



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