Members’ Code of Conduct and Confidentiality

The process of identifying and sharing best security practices is a powerful tool to help drive continuous improvement and breakthrough thinking. However, it needs to be conducted within a framework that leads to trust and appropriate confidentiality of sensitive information. Consequently, this Code of Conduct defines the obligations and responsibilities that WINS members are expected to adhere to in order to promote the process of sharing best practices, encourage trust, and avoid the inappropriate disclosure of information that could potentially harm or compromise security arrangements. A breach of this Code by any WINS member could render that member liable for exclusion from WINS membership.

  • Sensitive or proprietary information exchanged with other WINS members during WINS training courses, workshops, roundtables, private communications, website forums and similar activities should be treated as private. No such information should be communicated to others without the prior consent of the individual(s) who shared the information.
  • If sensitive or proprietary information is exchanged, the member providing the information should indicate the content of the material that needs to be protected, the duration of the period of protection, the conditions for permitting access to the material, and the specific handling requirements that are necessary for that material.
  • Information shared by members should only be used for the purposes for which it was intended.
  • Members should not use the contact information of other members for commercial or marketing purposes.
  • Members must not make improper use of information they have obtained.
  • Comments and views expressed by members at WINS events do not necessarily reflect WINS’ opinions or positions and should not be represented as such by members.
  • Members should act honestly and with integrity in matters pertaining to WINS.
  • Members should respect WINS’ copyrights and intellectual property rights.