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Taller sobre la Sustentabilidad de la Seguridad Física de las Fuentes Radiactivas para América Latina y el Caribe

WINS 16 Mar 2022

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WINS held a workshop on Radioactive Source Security Sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean Region from 8-10 March 2022.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Review existing resources and regional/international cooperation mechanisms that help strengthen and sustain the regulatory framework for the security of radioactive sources.
  • Discuss how increasing professionalisation and ensuring the continued availability of professionals with the necessary skillset can contribute to a sustainable radioactive source security regulatory framework.

The workshop also applied lessons learned from the safety of radioactive sources and covered the following topics:

  • The definition of security competences for individuals in charge of radioactive source security.
  • Competence gaps and the prioritisation of education and training needs.
  • National and international education and training programmes that address identified radioactive source security needs to fill those gaps.
  • The development of knowledge management strategies and programmes to ensure knowledge transfer, know-how and expertise in a sustainable and effective manner.

More information on the workshop can be found here.

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