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Encouraging Dialogue Between Law Enforcement, Regulators and Operators to Strengthen Radioactive Source Security

WINS 01 Jul 2024

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WINS developed a three-day workshop to:

  • Bring together experts from competent authorities responsible for regulation development, as well as for detection and response to MORC, and end users of radioactive materials.
  • Enable discussion of the lessons that may be learned from real MORC cases, including those involving investigations and prosecutions, that will strengthen control of radioactive material, from both the regulator and operator perspective.
  • Strengthen dialogue between these important stakeholders who contribute to the prevention, detection and response to radioactive sources out of regulatory control.

The third day of the workshop was held on 12 June 2024 at 14:00 CET.

The workshop was moderated by Helene Jewell, Certified Professional Facilitator.

Our special guests for the workshop were:

  • Anna Gredinger, Nuclear Security Information Officer – Incident and Trafficking Database (ITDB), International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Vitaly Fedchenko, Senior Researcher, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden
  • Nikki Keighran and Rhiarn Hoban, Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia
  • José F. Garcia Sainz, Intelligence Center for Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime, Spain
  • Giorgi Dekanoidze, Acting Head, Inspection and Emergency Response Service, Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Georgia
  • Éva Széles, Nuclear Security Specialist, HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research, Hungary
  • Lavoisier Jimenez, Director of Engineering and Operations, Grupo CIDEI, Mexico
  • Andrei Apostol, Director of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Nonproliferation, RoPower Nuclear, Romania
  • Francesco Miorin, Head, Nuclear Security Programme, UNICRI, Italy
  • Elena Dinu, former prosecutor at the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT), Romania
  • Pamela West, Office of the National Security Adviser, Nigeria
  • Henrik Horne, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Norway
  • Ed van Zalen, GICNT NFWG Co-Chair, The Netherlands
  • Jack Ramsey, Senior Nuclear Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory, United States
  • Saiyadi Sulaiman, Chief Regulatory Officer (Manager), Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Nigeria
  • Juan Guevara, Global Regulatory Compliance Manager, SLB, France
  • Ina Grigalashvili, National Liaison Officer (IAEA), Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Georgia

Further information on the webinar can be found here.

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