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WINS Participates in NRSWG Event at IAEA GC

WINS Participates in NRSWG Event at IAEA GC

The Global Partnership’s Nuclear & Radiological Security Working Group has invited WINS to participate in a side event to the IAEA General Conference.

The event, titled “Success Stories, Roadblocks, and Opportunities – Sustaining Nuclear Security in the Time of COVID-19”, is intended facilitate discussion between members of the nuclear security community about lessons learned while adapting to physical distancing and travel restrictions to maintain critical work.

Panellists will include Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan, Director of the Division of Nuclear Security at the IAEA; Kateryna Pavlova, Acting Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management; and Ben Whittard, Director of Safety, Security & Environment at International Nuclear Services.

WINS Academy and Communications Manager Roland Fletcher and Programme Manager Raquel Delgado submitted comments about their experiences with the WINS Academy and events, respectively, for a video montage.

“COVID-19 posed a major challenge for the whole team: How can we continue providing a high-quality service without losing the personal and interactive component that defines our work?” Raquel explained in her comments.

“We’ve turned to online events and have worked to carry all the elements that are crucial to our in-person events. We’ve incorporated live polling, networking and small group activities into our online workshops and trainings and received positive feedback from participants.”

“Covid-19 has made us think ‘What if the unexpected happens?  Have we got our processes and resources fully risk assessed? Are our mitigating actions clear and understood?’ At WINS, we are a small and dynamic team, and we cannot afford to allow Covid-19 to get the better of us,” Roland added.

The event, organised by the United States, is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, 24 September at 15:00 CEST (9:00 EST).

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