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WINS Now Offers CRSP Certification Opportunities in Thai

WINS Now Offers CRSP Certification Opportunities in Thai

WINS is thrilled to announce that the Certified Radioactive Source Security Professional (CRSP) programme is now available in Thai. Learning material as part of the programme now offered in Thai includes the online learning module, the accompanying textbook and the exam for the module.

This development is part of a broader collaboration between WINS and the Thai nuclear regulatory authority, the Office of Atoms for Peace, to develop sustainable nuclear security training in the country. A key component of this project is for WINS to provide professional development activities to nuclear security stakeholders in Thailand.

To help meet this objective, the WINS Academy has made the CRSP programme accessible to Thai-speaking individuals who are responsible for managing radioactive source security, which includes anyone working as radiation safety officers, radiation protection officers and radiation protection advisers.

The WINS’ CRSP programme consists of a single module and requires 30-40 hours of self-study and an exam. Academy learners will earn the CRSP designation after passing the exam.  The inclusion of the Thai language adds to the Academy’s offerings of the programme and exam in both English and Spanish. Read more about the programme here.

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