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WINS and NSAN Successfully Wrap Up Stage Two of Train the Trainer Programme

30th April 2021
WINS and NSAN Successfully Wrap Up Stage Two of Train the Trainer Programme

In collaboration with National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN), WINS held stage two of the Train the Trainer programme intended to prepare trainers to deliver radioactive source security training.

The course – which was held from 26-29 April 2021 – targeted Thai radiation experts working in academia and governmental bodies. The purpose was to train trainers on how to deliver training sessions based on the WINS Radioactive Source Security Management module.

This four-day, live classroom event built on and reinforced the first stage of the Train the Trainer programme. One of the main objectives of the course was to illustrate to trainers how to effectively utilise learning models and theories while delivering training. Another aim was to demonstrate to trainers how to adjust teaching methodologies and styles to particular learners’ needs to get the most out of training sessions.

The Train the Trainer programme is part of a broader project undertaken by WINS. At the end of January, WINS and the Thailand Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP) signed a memorandum of understanding. As part of this agreement, WINS is playing a supporting role in the future establishment and sustainable operation of a Nuclear Security Support Centre at OAP.

Presently the WINS Academy offers the Certified Programme for Radioactive Source Security Management (CPRSSM) in English and Spanish and is planning to broaden its offering to include Thai for scholarships and purchases.

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