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MESIS Earns ISO 29993 Certification with Support from WINS

5th May 2021
MESIS Earns ISO 29993 Certification with Support from WINS

WINS is pleased to announce that the Middle East Scientific Institute for Security (MESIS) successfully completed its ISO 29993 certification audit provided by Lloyd’s Register Jordan on 8 April.

This certification marks a milestone for MESIS in ensuring that their training services, including those provided at the newly inaugurated Radiation Detection Training Center (RDTC), meet internationally recognised standards in carrying out training activities, including those related to nuclear security. This development places MESIS and the RDTC one step closer to providing high-quality training programmes that help support and further advance, in particular, nuclear security in the Middle East and North Africa region.

WINS played a role in helping MESIS achieve this goal post through its work with supporting National Security Support Centres (NSSCs) to boost sustainable nuclear security capacity in the long term. Last year WINS released the ISO 29993:2017 Implementation Handbook, which provides support for organisations that want to harmonise their nuclear security training activities and programmes with the quality requirements of an internationally recognised standard.

When asked about this development, Mr Lars van Dassen, Executive Director of WINS, said “By obtaining the ISO 29993 certification of its RDTC, MESIS has demonstrated the quality and sustainability of its training programme. This certification will further provide both trainees and stakeholders with confidence in the MESIS’ learning services. WINS is proud and absolutely thrilled to be a part of this process.”

The ISO 29993:2017 standard provides a shared set of reference points for organisations that are creating, developing and delivering training in nuclear security and places emphasis on the learner to demonstrate evidence of competence and quality.

According to Mr Al-Sharif Nasser Bin Nasser, Managing Director of MESIS, “Certification is certainly a worthwhile investment; becoming ISO 29993 compliant sets MESIS apart from other organisations and raises the level of competence in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear security in our region.”

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