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Webinar Series: Nuclear Security Threats in Conversation with Industry Experts

11 November 2021 - 25 November 2021 Online, Public Event

Applications for this event are closed
Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


Curious about how you can mitigate threats?

Want to know more about the latest thinking on threats?

If so, then you can watch a recording of this webinar series below.

When it comes to nuclear facilities, there is a constant need to consider the evolving threat situation and to have people, systems and processes in place that constantly evaluate threats. This includes where threats may come from, what the threats may be, and how threats can be mitigated to reduce the risk and probability of an incident occurring that has the potential to impact the security of nuclear or other radioactive material. 


The aim of this webinar series was to learn what is being done to counteract threats from experts working in the nuclear security field. This series also aimed to shed light on new ideas and ways of thinking that should be considered to minimise the risk and mitigate threats.


The priority audience for this series was WINS Academy Alumni. Current WINS Academy learners and WINS members with an interest in finding out more about threats were equally welcome to register for the webinars.

WINS promotes and actively encourages gender parity and diversity. The event included female and male subject matter experts, and WINS invited participation from a broad and diverse audience with a passion for enhancing nuclear security.


The webinar series was facilitated by Roland Fletcher, WINS Academy Manager; Whitney Kathryn Isaacs, Academy Project Officer; and Rhonda Evans, Head of Programme Development.

The webinar series included the following sessions:

Webinar 1: Understanding and Dealing with Threats

  • Session 1: Culture and Threats
  • Session 2: Insider Threats from a Nuclear Facility Perspective

Webinar 2: Regulatory Perspective on Threats

  • Session 1: Using Threat Assessment to Influence the Regulatory System
  • Session 2: How is Regulation Evolving to Counteract Threats

SMRs and the Changing Face of Civil Nuclear

  • Session 1: The Future for Civil Nuclear - Implications for Nuclear Security
  • Session 2: Transportation Considerations for Mobile Reactors
  • Dates and times
    • Webinar 1: Thursday 11 November 2021 (16:00 – 17:15 CET)
    • Webinar 2: Thursday 18 November 2021 (16:00 – 17:15 CET)
    • Webinar 3: Thursday 25 November 2021 (16:00 – 17:15 CET)
  • Delivery
    • Each webinar was facilitated by WINS, who will introduce the speakers
    • Each webinar had two 20-minute presentation
    • Each webinar allowed 20 minutes for the experts to answer participant questions
    • Participants were encouraged to pose written questions in the online platform during the presentations
  • Duration: 75 minutes per webinar
  • Language: English
  • Recordings:
  • The recording of the webinar 1 conducted on 11 November 2021 is available here.
  • The recording of the webinar 2 conducted on 18 November 2021 is available here.
  • The recording of the webinar 3 conducted on 25 November 2021 is available here

If you have any questions, please contact:  Mehri.Avlyakulova@wins.org

The webinar recordings were made available to WINS members on the WINS website following the conclusion of the webinar series.

Contact Information

   Roland Fletcher

   Mehri Avlyakulova
   Whitney Kathryn Isaacs


Online Event

Public Event