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WINS Academy Recertification Guide

WINS 09 Nov 2022

We have extended the validity of all CNSfP and CNSsP certifications from three to five years. Lengthening the recertification period will reinforce and extend the range of professional development activities we can offer to our certified professionals. This will allow us to establish a closer and more sustainable relationship with you and align the revision process of our training materials to the rate of change of subject matter in the field.

Recertification demonstrates your commitment to the nuclear security field and dedication to nuclear security and radioactive source security requirements and practices. By recertifying, you further develop your knowledge of underlying concepts and strengthen your nuclear security leadership and management skills. Recertification also enhances your professional development through continued learning, experience and support for practical skills.

There are now three options, so you can decide the best way for you to recertify and maintain your certified professional status as a CNSfP and CNSsP for the future. Please download the Recertification Guide.

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WINS Academy Recertification Guide

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