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Webinar: Strengthening Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry

WINS 25 May 2021

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WINS has developed a series of four webinars exploring different topics related to cybersecurity in the nuclear sector. These webinars will be reserved to selected WINS Academy alumni and will be designed and delivered with the support of international experts. The first webinar on Strengthening Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry was held on 20 May 2021. The purpose of this webinar was to:

  • Explain why computer systems, networks, programmes, devices and data need to be protected from cyber attacks;
  • Raise awareness of cyber threats and present examples of vulnerabilities that may be exploited by a cyberthreat;
  • Review the key elements of an effective cybersecurity programme.

Our special guests for the webinar were:

  • Mr Andrea Cavina, Security Professional;
  • Ms Yasmin Afina, International Security Programme, Chatham House.

Further information on the webinar can be found here.

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