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Seminario Web: Nuevas Certificaciones en Español en Ciberseguridad y Seguridad Física en el Transporte de Materiales Nucleares

WINS 27 Jun 2022

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WINS translated two additional WINS Academy modules into Spanish and hosted a webinar detailing the contents of both modules as well as the benefits of becoming certified in these areas on 15 June 2022.

The key objectives of the webinar were:

  • To raise awareness on the importance of cybersecurity and transport security;
  • To highlight the benefits of getting WINS certification;
  • To describe the two modules;
  • To promote WINS Academy and professional development in Latin America;
  • To improve diversity in cybersecurity and transport security.

WINS provided participants the opportunity to interact amongst themselves and with the subject matter experts to exchange their thoughts and professional experiences on these two topics.

Further information on this webinar can be found here.

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