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Corporate Governance Arrangements for Nuclear Security

28 Mar 2018

WINS’ Corporate Governance Arrangements for Nuclear Security, Report 2018, is the third report we have published since 2014 that focuses on the key role that governance plays in nuclear security. This report emphasises best practices in transparently and publicly reporting on the nature and impact of nuclear security governance arrangements. The effort begins with a commitment to publish stakeholder assurances that demonstrate the organisation has designed its security programme appropriately and is implementing it effectively.

In this report, we address key developments in assurance and reporting, including nuclear liability, corporate governance and the duty of care; gender equality in the nuclear sector; new and emerging threats, such as cyber and advanced technologies; and cybersecurity reporting. We use best practice examples from a variety of countries and international organisations to illustrate key points and conclude the report with several recommendations for improvement.

We plan to continue publishing reports on the state of nuclear security governance every two years to document the changing areas of concern, new developments and programme effectiveness. We would particularly like to thank the UK government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), whose generous support made this project possible.

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Corporate Governance Arrangements for Nuclear Security

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