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4.3 Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry

WINS 04 Oct 2022

This WINS Best Practice Guide looks at the intersection of physical protection with instrumentation and control in the digital technologies at a nuclear facility. Protecting these systems from a malicious act requires a considered approach that evolves with the dynamic threat. This Guide presents a practical overview of cybersecurity in the nuclear industry to allow professionals from all backgrounds to communicate effectively with specialists and make informed decisions in this area. The Guide discusses the nature of cyberthreat actors and the defensive strategies and cybersecurity programmes that protect digital systems, especially those that perform the most critical functions in a facility, such as nuclear safety, nuclear security, and emergency preparedness and response.

This is a companion document to WINS BPG 4.14 Assuring the Effectiveness of Cybersecurity Arrangements at Nuclear Facilities.

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4.3 Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry

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