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2nd Workshop on Mitigating Internal Threats for Categories 2 and 3 Radioactive Sources

WINS 02 Jul 2024

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WINS has developed a 2nd Workshop on Mitigating Internal Threats for Categories 2 and 3 Radioactive Sources. The main takeaway of this workshop is to shine a spotlight on the following:

- Identify practices using Categories 2 and 3 radioactive sources. Explore how their prevalence and how their particular characteristics can influence their security needs.
- Explore Specific Threats. Delve into the unique challenges and risks associated with Categories 2 and 3 radioactive sources, providing a nuanced understanding of potential internal threats within these contexts.
- Share Best Operational Security Practices. Offer a platform for end-users to share experiences, case studies, and best practices in mitigating internal threats related to Categories 2 and 3 radioactive sources.
- Share examples of theft or loss of Categories 2 and 3 radioactive sources. Learn from these real-life experiences and suggest improvements to current practices.
- Understand the role of regulations. Discuss how regulations can and should include requirements to mitigate insider threats.
- Highlight the importance of a robust security culture. Better understand how organizational culture matters and the importance of engaging all staff in security matters.
- Support stakeholder engagement. Facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among diverse stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, industry professionals, and government officials, fostering a cohesive global approach to security.
The workshop was held on 17 June 2024 at 8:00 AM CEST.

The workshop was moderated by Helene Jewell, Jewell Facilitation, together with Pierre Legoux, WINS.

Our special guests for the workshop were:

Dr Patrick Nelis, Radiation Safety and Security Consultant, UK
Josh Boles, National Security Specialist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Clarke Tait, Counter Terrorism Security Advisor, Police Scotland
Milos Mladenovic, Public Company Nuclear Facilities of Serbia
Pamela West, Nuclear Security Officer, National Security Advisor, Nigeria

Further information on the workshop can be found here.

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