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WINS of Change: A New Strategic Outlook for WINS Until 2026

WINS of Change: A New Strategic Outlook for WINS Until 2026

WINS is pleased to announce that we published a new strategy document for the next five years on the website. The strategic outlook was released following approval from the Board of Directors in early May.

The new strategy provides a backdrop of WINS and positions the organisation into the broader nuclear security sector. Included in the document is also a framework of WINS’ goals over the following five years and how these goals will be further achieved.

According to the new outlook, WINS’ overarching goal is to “be of service to the entire world and to address all security issues related to nuclear and other radioactive facilities, activities and materials, whether under or outside of regulatory control.” The strategy then details three operational goals in achieving the overarching goal.

Also stated in the strategy document is the WINS’ commitment to publish an annual plan as it relates to the strategy every November and to discuss its annual performance with the Board.

Mr William Tobey, Chair of the WINS Board, commented, “On the 7th of May, the WINS Board of Directors approved an updated strategy, which will guide WINS in advancing its enduring mission, the security of nuclear and other radioactive materials.”

Lars van Dassen, WINS’ Executive Director, said, “The recently approved and published strategy marks a milestone for WINS. The document will further help propel us forward as WINS treads onto new territories to adapt to the changing needs of the nuclear security sector while continuing to provide the best services possible to our Members.”

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