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Recertification: Refreshing Your Knowledge to Enhance Your Career

Recertification: Refreshing Your Knowledge to Enhance Your Career

We sat down with WINS Academy Ambassadors Nancy Astrid Solis Alcantara and Milos Mladenovic to discuss the recertification process and the role it played in their careers. Having completed the process personally, they were able to share how recertification helped to set them apart from other professionals and strengthen their job skills.


Milos highlighted the positive impact that adding new skills through WINS Academy electives had on his career path. “Every elective enhanced my professional development and it was in direct relation with the enhancement of my career,” he said.

Astrid also pointed out that recertifying is essential to keeping skills fresh. “The daily actions that you carry out as a part of your work might become routine […] Recertification helps you to reframe your knowledge, but also to remember what the objective of certain activities is,” she said.

They also gave practical advice on strategies to complete the process, outlining their methods for finding study time and overcoming other challenges.

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