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WINS Membership gives you access to innovative, interactive and practical workshops, roundtables and web-based seminars that bring professionals together from around the world. It also gives you free access to our Knowledge Centre, which includes all WINS International Best Practice Guides, workshop reports, webinars and more.
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Agree WINS workshops are innovative 97.5%

Agree WINS workshops are innovative

Benefit from WINS membership 97.6%

Benefit from WINS membership

Have modified security approaches because of WINS 96.5%

Have modified security approaches because of WINS

Member Benefits

One of the most important benefits of membership is that it gives you access to the WINS forum, where you can communicate and network with your fellow WINS members from around the world. Membership also gives you the ability to enrol in the WINS Academy's professional development programmes.

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Member Stories
Since I joined WINS as a member, I have benefitted from topics covered every month and have been able to influence some policies on nuclear security as a member of the Nuclear Security Working Group for the Department of Energy of South Africa, as Security advisor representing the South African Police Services.
Stanly Letompa, South Africa
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