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Meet a New WINS Academy Ambassador: Dr Alpana Goel

Meet a New WINS Academy Ambassador: Dr Alpana Goel

“Collaboration and networking are extremely important for sharing knowledge, experience and good practices.”

Dr Alpana Goel, Director and Head of Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, discusses the role of knowledge sharing in supporting global nuclear security and the importance of certification for career development. Amity Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology is one of the largest educational institutions for young professionals who will enter the nuclear programme in India.

How does collaboration between nuclear organisations around the world promote nuclear security?

Collaboration and networking are extremely important for sharing knowledge, experience and good practices between nuclear organisations around the world to enhance nuclear security. When we are aware of nuclear materials and the organisations that handle them, we can exchange information and also sensitise the larger audience through these partnering organisations. Security of assets is accomplished when all the stakeholders are known and well recognised. Humans are an important part of these socio-technical systems, and they can be made more responsible. The feeling of being responsible and accountable will ensure secure systems.

How does obtaining certification help early career professionals?

Certification provides acclamation, recognition and hence responsibility allocation. Once you give responsibility to a young mind, he or she feels like a leader and will work more responsibly.  This will also ensure more vitality and energy with these young entrants. This ensures new energy and ideas flow into the system, rejuvenating it. We have to prepare future leaders, hence preparing young minds to cater to the ever-changing scenario and dynamic challenges that will  require training and responsibility allocation to new members. The WINS certification programme will definitely improve the quality and relevance of early career professionals.

“We have to prepare future leaders, hence preparing young minds to cater to the ever-changing scenario and dynamic challenges.”

What inspired you to become a WINS Academy Ambassador?

I was designated as WINS Ambassador for India in 2017 in order to promote nuclear security among Indian universities and to inspire students and faculty members in India to complete the WINS certification programme. In this regard, Amity University Uttar Pradesh organised many nuclear security-related events in which students from all over India participated actively. As a result, many students have enrolled in the WINS Academy certification programme. After passing the exams they become alumni of the WINS Academy.

The global exposure and widespread validity of this certification programme attracted many young professionals. Further, I would like to strengthen nuclear security education in India, for which public awareness is required. My aim is to motivate young professionals to become WINS Alumni, which will help them in choosing a career as a nuclear security professional.

What advice do you have for current WINS Academy learners or those considering enrolling?

Keep yourself updated. It’s great time to earn a global certification through the aegis of WINS and with the insight obtained from experts across the globe. WINS is a global agency, and I have no doubts about enrolling in it and getting a certified professional designation. Take a proactive role in your learning and strengthen the nuclear security programme in your respective organisation as well as measuring the effectiveness of their security culture.

From Amity Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology:

How has your organisation benefitted from collaborating with the WINS Academy?

We have been able to hold many training programmes, seminars and workshops, on top of being an active participant in international meetings and knowledge sharing series. Our students who are WINS Alumni have been provided with vibrant opportunities to participate in international conferences to broaden their horizons. Global acclamation has been earned by Amity Institute of Nuclear Science due to this opportunity.

“These are one-of-kind certifications and hence are of immense value.”

What role does WINS certification play in your institution’s professional development programme?

Students are well identified at the global level; apart from being nuclear engineering professionals, they are security professionals as well. These are one-of-a-kind certifications and are of immense value to programmes like ours which are relatively new and in the developmental phase.

After completing the WINS certification programme, our students work in private organisations. It helps them to choose a career in nuclear safety and security.

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