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Meet a New WINS Academy Ambassador: Agustin Espejo

Meet a New WINS Academy Ambassador: Agustin Espejo

“The best approach is prevention.”

Agustin Espejo, Radiation Safety Officer at Tecnofisica in Mexico, talks about the importance of experience sharing and mutual support in the nuclear security community.

Why is experience sharing within the nuclear security community important?

Sharing lived experiences helps to prevent errors in other places because learning about those experiences can guide alumni to detect any issue that could impact security. The best approach is prevention, which I consider the most valuable step in a security plan. Following with these ideas, local alumni have knowledge about their own areas that can add value for the academy and learners. Adding small details can help to keep nuclear security at an optimal level. Alumni can contribute their pieces of learning to the greater puzzle of nuclear security.

How can local alumni help to support current WINS Academy learners?

Local alumni can recognise learners’ specific training needs and support them with solutions and assessments from the topics covered on the WINS platform. Local alumni can share their own experiences to enrich the learners’ experience. Also, I have seen many times that if somebody receives local support in his/her own language, there is one fewer learning barrier to deal with.

“You can contribute to global peace of mind.”

What was your WINS Academy elective? Why did you choose it?

I chose Radioactive Source Security Management, as I had been invited by the Energy Secretariat of Mexico. I believe that this invitation was very timely and wise, and I feel fortunate because I currently work in this field.

What inspired you to become a WINS Academy Ambassador?

I like to get involved in organisations that are serious, professional and kind to people at the same time. Even though I’m new in this discipline – because I work in radiation safety as well – I would like to contribute what I can to make a better world. As the saying goes, “I want to add my little grain of sand”.

What advice do you have for current WINS Academy learners or those considering enrolling?

I believe that the academy has so much to offer; I recommended it widely. I think the learners and candidates should be encouraged to enrol and complete the programme. The topics and knowledge that the academy offers are very informative and easy to comprehend. By completion, you will grow professionally and will be in a better position to keep your organisation secure. In other words, you can contribute to global peace of mind.

From Tecnofisica Radiologica:

How has your organisation benefitted from Agustin achieving Certified Nuclear Security Professional status?

Since the formation of Tecnofisica Radiologica S.C. in 1995, its mission was defined as “A service company dedicated to training, service and commercialisation in the areas of radiation physics for industry and medicine, promoting the rational use of radiation at a high level of quality and radiation safety, as well as research.” Also, we foster the self-fulfilment of personnel.

The organisation definitely better fulfils its mission in two aspects due to Agustin Espejo’s achievement of certified professional status: This promotes the rational use of radiation at a high level of quality and radiation safety, and Agustin Espejo has improved his level of self-fulfilment, which is shared with all of us.

“This promotes the rational use of radiation at a high level of quality and radiation safety.”

What role does WINS certification play in your institution’s professional development programme?

The WINS Academy will be a support for everybody at the company regarding a lot of our different services – such as consultancy, training courses, calibration of radiation detectors and personal dosimetry – and also for our customers that need assessment in this regard.

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