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IAEA Holds Inaugural Webinar for Women in Nuclear Security Initiative

2nd June 2021
IAEA Holds Inaugural Webinar for Women in Nuclear Security Initiative

On 26 May, the IAEA’s Divison of Nuclear Security (NSNS) held a webinar entitled The Role of the IAEA in Strengthening Capacity of Women in Nuclear Security Worldwide for the Women in Nuclear Security Initiative (WINSI). The purpose of the webinar was to inaugurate WINSI to be part of the Women in Nuclear Global network, which already aims to enhance female involvement in nuclear security worldwide.

The overall goal of this new initiative is to help reach gender equality in nuclear security both within the IAEA’s NSNS and in the international nuclear security field. To achieve this, WINSI will include activities – such as webinars, panel discussions, and joint research and development activities with Member States, among others – in order to highlight and showcase the experiences of and challenges faced by women involved in nuclear security. Another key component of WINSI is to raise awareness of jobs and careers in nuclear security for women.

When commenting on WINSI, Ms Elena Buglova, director of the NSNS, said the following, “[…] women are underrepresented in nuclear security, as well as in the nuclear field in general, so it is important to understand and tackle the barriers that women can face to joining and thriving in the field. I hope that through this important initiative, we can learn from the experiences of women from the Agency and Member States, and contribute to promoting and strengthening the involvement of women in nuclear security worldwide.”

WINS welcomes this development as it complements our commitment to promote gender parity in nuclear security. To read more about WINSI, click here.

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