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Online Roundtable on Young Professionals and Nuclear Security in Southeast Asia

17 January 2024 - 17 January 2024
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Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


The 21st century's third decade offers employment opportunities in the nuclear sector due to technological advancements and global recognition of nuclear power's importance in a sustainable energy mix. The nuclear sector showcases essential functions like generating carbon-free electricity and supplying radioisotopes for effective patient diagnosis and treatment.

Encouraging talented young people to pursue careers in nuclear science and technology is essential to maximizing the benefits of nuclear power and other applications of nuclear technologies.  Young professionals will play a vital role as future leaders in the evolving nuclear sector, especially with many from the 1980s peak reactor construction era nearing retirement. Unlike 20th-century reactors, the next-gen includes small modular reactors (SMRs) for various purposes such as district heating, water desalinization, hydrogen production, and even crypto mining. Diverse expertise is crucial for applications like using nuclear tech to mitigate climate change, demanding a competent and diverse workforce with an understanding of nuclear security challenges.

Addressing these challenges requires recruiting and retaining top talent, emphasizing diversity, including women and individuals from marginalized communities. A more inclusive workforce will enhance effectiveness, resilience, and sustainability of nuclear security by introducing diverse perspectives and will provide opportunities to identify and attract to nuclear security positions competent individuals independently from the origins and backgrounds.

Young professionals are the future of the nuclear sector.  They will contribute to its growth and sustainability. They will face multiple challenges, including effective knowledge transfer from the previous generation and visibility and confidence in the future of the nuclear sector.

The World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) is a resource for young professionals interested in a nuclear career. WINS offers guidance on understanding the nuclear sector and establishing a career path in nuclear security.


WINS organised an online roundtable to identify and understand the challenges and opportunities for the next generation of nuclear security professionals from Southeast Asia.

This event discussed the following topics:

  • Advanced nuclear technologies/systems and their implementation in the region
  • The role of young professionals in shaping the future of nuclear energy and its nuclear security implications.
  • Attracting young professionals to the nuclear security field while bridging the gap between education and employment.
  • Guiding young professionals when entering the field of nuclear security.
  • Gender parity and diversity: Overcoming barriers to the full participation of young female professionals and an effective diverse workforce.


WINS welcomed participation from representatives from the following organisations:

  • Nuclear operators
  • Security specialists
  • Human resource management specialists
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Policy makers
  • Academics/researchers
  • Law enforcement organisations
  • Young Nuclear Professional Societies
  • Student Nuclear Associations
  • International organisations

WINS promotes gender parity and diversity in all its events. Women were highly encouraged to attend this roundtable and to contribute to the discussions.


The roundtable was designed to ensure discussions among attendees and active interactions with invited subject matter experts.

This online roundtable brought together early career and experienced nuclear security professionals, including representatives from human resource management, as well as from the education and training sectors of the nuclear industry.

The audience was challenged to identify and share best practices and lessons learned on this important topic.

WINS organised the roundtable (Zoom session) on 17 January 2021 from 02:30pm -05:30pm (GMT 7), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia. 

The roundtable was conducted in English. 

Contact Information

   Alvaro Acevedo

   Viviana Espinosa Moreno