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Online Workshop on Ensuring the Security of Radioactive Sources during Civil Unrest and Wartime

01 March 2023 - 02 March 2023 Online, Public Event (Registration required)

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Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


Every country in the world has radioactive sources within its territory. The security of these sources is important to avoid any diversion of material and malicious use. Many documents and guides analyse how to implement and sustain security measures for radioactive sources during normal, “business-as-usual” situations and cases when control is lost due to accidental or malicious reasons. However, these existing publications are not sufficient to adequately ensure the protection of radioactive sources in all situations.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a stark reminder to the international community that the usual radioactive source security arrangements may be challenged by threats and conditions far beyond the mitigation capabilities of end users and sometimes even of the State where the radioactive sources are in use, storage or transport. A major military conflict in a country does not “cancel out” the need for radioactive source security. It demands increasing and adapting the security of radioactive material to prevent potential adversaries—including opportunistic individuals with malicious intent—from capturing and using it for a nefarious purpose.

WINS believes that now is the appropriate moment to consolidate various experiences and offer the radioactive source security community an opportunity to discuss the lessons learned and how to better prepare for such situations.


The main target audience of this workshop were:

  • End-users
  • Regulators
  • Law enforcement agencies and military personnel
  • Emergency and response organisations
  • Government officials
  • Academia
  • International organisations


Our experts shared their views, thoughts and visions on how to implement and sustain radioactive source security during civil unrest and wartime. We had operators, regulators, law enforcement and other experts with real experience dealing with radioactive source security during such situations.

The online workshop was moderated by a professional facilitator and held in English.

Date: 1-2 March 2023, 14:00-17:00 CET

Duration: 6 hours

Language: English

Registration: After registering on the WINS website, each participant received a link to the Zoom meeting.

Registration deadline: 24 February 2023

Recording: The recording of the workshop is available for WINS Members in the Knowledge Centre:

Contact Information

   Tomás Bieda

   Mehri Avlyakulova


Online Event

Public Event (Registration required)