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WINS Alumni Webinar Discussion Forum on New Nuclear Technologies - a Nuclear Security Conversation with Industry Experts

12 October 2022 - 12 October 2022 Online, Public Event (Registration required)

Applications for this event are closed
Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


Want to know more about new Nuclear Technologies for carbon net zero energy production?

Are these new technologies secure and safe?

How do these Technologies mitigate threats?

Then register for this exciting discussion forum.

With a continued focus on global climate change and increasing energy costs, there is the need to invest, develop and introduce new technologies for the reduction of Co2 emissions to achieve global targets. The current civil nuclear energy sector is recognised and as a safe, secure and reliable source of providing low carbon energy. With increasing global demands on energy, can nuclear continue to be considered as part of the energy mix and should more countries step into the fold and make nuclear energy a sustainable commitment for the future?


The aim of this webinar was to discuss with experts from the nuclear sector ‘what is being done within the nuclear sector to develop new technologies for carbon net zero energy production’ and to be able to discuss and ask questions about how the safety and security of these new technologies will be maintained and regulated and give confidence to their introduction and global expansion.

Our special guests for the webinar were:

  • Mr John Barrett D., ICD.D, President of Portolan Global Inc. and WINS Board Member;
  • Ms Gabriela Acosta, the Head of the Non-Proliferation Policies Division at the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) of Argentina;
  • Dr Andrew Horsley, Innovation Lead - UK SMR, Innovate UK.


The priority audience for this series was WINS Alumni and WINS Academy learners. WINS Members with an interest in finding out more new nuclear technologies were equally welcome to register for the webinars. Alumni come from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • Nuclear regulators
  • Operators
  • Academia
  • International organizations
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Transport carriers
  • Government officials

WINS promotes and actively encourages gender parity and diversity. The event had female and male subject matter experts and WINS invited delegate participation from a broad and diverse audience with a passion for enhancing nuclear security.


The webinar series was facilitated by Roland Fletcher, Head of the WINS Academy and Whitney Isaacs, Academy Project Manager. Presentations from the Panel members were available and provided in advance of the webinar to registered participants for familiarisation of the topic. The webinar was delivered on Zoom. The session was recorded and published on the WINS website and promoted via WINS Newsletters for WINS Alumni.

Date: Wednesday, 12 October 2022, from 15:00 to 16:00 (CEST)

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English

Registration: After registering on WINS website, each participant received a link to the Zoom meeting.

Recording: The recording of the webinar is available for WINS Members here.

If you have any questions, please contact:  Mehri.Avlyakulova@wins.org

(Image source: A. Vargas/IAEA)

Contact Information

   Whitney Kathryn Isaacs
   Roland Fletcher

   Mehri Avlyakulova


Online Event

Public Event (Registration required)