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Virtual Launch of Self-assessment and Evaluation Tool on Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

14 September 2022 - 14 September 2022 Online, Public Event (Registration required)

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Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


How do organisations working in nuclear security strengthen their security culture?

They address gender equality, diversity and inclusion, proactively!


Are you interested to find out more?

We invited all nuclear security stakeholders to attend the virtual launch of our self-assessment, evaluation and action plan tool for achieving and sustaining gender equality, diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

The development of the tool was undertaken with the generous support of the Canadian Government’s Threats Reduction Program and the expert advice of diverse professionals from the sector.

We had special guests at the launch who were involved in the development and pilot of our tool representing key sectors within nuclear security including industry, law enforcement and specialists in the area.

Our tool is easy-to-use, practical, and customizable!

Our tool is designed for all types of organisations - both newer and more established, smaller, and larger, and with different nuclear security missions.

Our tool contains targeted questions for leaders, managers, staff and human resource professionals and produces score cards in the areas of leadership and management; organisational culture and talent management. The overall scores provide the basis for a maturity level of commencing, developing, mastering, and leading.

The virtual launch was designed to inform leaders and managers, staff of organisations and human resource professionals supporting the mission of organisations involved in nuclear security.

The virtual launch was held on 14 September from 16:00 to 17:30 CET.

The virtual launch was designed with WINS gender equality, diversity and inclusion principles in mind.

Check out the video to learn more and put your organisation on the pathway to gender equality, diversity and inclusion for strengthened security culture!!

Contact Information

   Rhonda Evans

   Yasmina Jennane
   Viviana Espinosa Moreno
   Anida Celikovic


Online Event

Public Event (Registration required)