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Online Roundtable on Facilitating the Engagement of Young Professionals in Nuclear Security for the Nuclear Sector

06 April 2022 - 06 April 2022 Online, Selected Audience

Applications for this event are closed
Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


Would you like to explore how to overcome the biggest obstacles in recruiting and retaining young professionals in nuclear security?

The third decade of the 21st century presents opportunities for employment in the nuclear sector due to advancing technologies in the field and increased global recognition of the importance of nuclear power in a sustainable energy mix. Furthermore, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the nuclear sector has demonstrated essential functions such as the generation of carbon-free electricity and the supply of radioisotopes to diagnose and treat patients effectively.

Going forward, young professionals will also play a significant role as future leaders in this evolving nuclear sector. This is particularly true as a high percentage of the nuclear power generation industry workforce is facing retirement after the peak of reactor construction in the 1980s. Unlike the 20th century reactor fleet, which focused solely on generating electricity, the next generation of advanced nuclear reactors will include small modular reactors (SMRs) that generate power for district heating in cities, water desalinisation, hydrogen production and even crypto currency mining, among other purposes. Other applications of nuclear – such as using nuclear technology and techniques in mitigating climate change – will require a competent and diverse workforce that understands the challenges of nuclear security.

Meeting these challenges necessitates recruiting and retaining top talent. This includes women and individuals from marginalised communities. A more diverse and inclusive nuclear security workforce will lead to greater effectiveness in meeting today’s nuclear security challenges and produce more resilience and sustainability in the nuclear security field by introducing diverse perspectives. Engagement with young professionals in nuclear security should recognise and be inclusive of diversity.  

The World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) is an available resource to young professionals who are interested in a career in nuclear security, and WINS can provide them with guidance on how to understand the nuclear sector, how to respond to the challenges present in the nuclear sector, and how to embark on a career path to sustain nuclear security, globally.


WINS will organise an online roundtable to identify and understand the challenges and opportunities for the next generation of nuclear security professionals. WINS will prepare practical tools and techniques to help them to participate and share their experiences. WINS will support the sustained development of young professionals with nuclear security responsibilities.

The online roundtable will discuss the following topics related to the next generation of nuclear security professionals in the nuclear sector:

  • Understanding advanced nuclear technologies and systems: A comprehensive overview to shape the future of nuclear energy and its nuclear security implications
  • Transforming the landscape in the nuclear sector: Challenges and opportunities for a career in nuclear security
  • Attracting young professionals to the nuclear security field while bridging the gap between education and employment
  • Education and training: Preparing the next generation of young professionals to be leaders in nuclear security
  • Guiding young professionals when entering the field of nuclear security: Recruitment, retention, and transfer of knowledge through mentoring and leadership – best practices and lessons learned.
  • Gender parity and diversity: Overcoming barriers to the full participation of young female professionals and an effective diverse workforce. 


 WINS will welcome participation from representatives from the following organisations:

  • Nuclear operators
  • Security specialists
  • Human resource management specialists
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Policy makers
  • Academics/researchers
  • Law enforcement organisations
  • Young Nuclear Professional Societies
  • Student Nuclear Associations
  • International organisations
  • Programmes aiming at increasing gender parity and diversity in the workforce

The number of seats for this event are limited in order to guarantee fluid and organic discussions among attendees and active interactions with invited subject matter experts.

WINS promotes gender parity and diversity in all its events. Female subject matters experts will also be featured through the application of the WINS Gender parity by design principles to the design and implementation of the event. Female delegates are highly encouraged to apply to this roundtable.


This online roundtable will bring together early career and experienced nuclear security professionals, including representatives from human resource management, as well as from the education and training sectors of the nuclear industry. The event will follow a remote engagement approach in which the audience will be challenged to identify and share best practices and lessons learned on this important topic.

WINS will organise the online event as follows:

  • One live session on 6 April 2021 from 02:30 PM to 05:30 PM Vienna time.
  • Will include live interaction with the attendees to further discuss the challenges and opportunities identified by WINS.
  • On-demand content: additional presentations, success stories of young professionals, suggestions for further readings, etc.

WINS will provide participants with the opportunity to interact amongst themselves and with the subject matter experts to exchange their thoughts and professional experiences on the topic.

All elements of this online roundtable will be conducted in English and draw only on unclassified information. Based on the various presentations and discussions, WINS will produce a roundtable report that will serve as guidance for the next generation of nuclear security professionals within the nuclear sector.

Contact Information

   Alvaro Acevedo

   Anida Celikovic


Online Event

Selected Audience