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Online Workshop on Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Industry: Managing Cybersecurity Risks

12 October 2021 - 14 October 2021 Online, Public Event
Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


We are living in an era when cyberattacks are common. The number and complexity of cyberattacks has increased in recent years, and the nuclear industry is not exempt. Cybersecurity is challenging as cyberattacks are potentially more dynamic and more complex to counter than physical attacks. In addition, cyberthreats may originate from a different country far away from the nuclear facility.  The world of cybersecurity is changing all the time as adversaries shift their tactics by creating new and innovative ways to carry out a cyberattack.

A cyberattack targeting information held in either an IT or an OT system at a nuclear facility could ultimately result in the sabotage of the facility or the theft of material. These scenarios can be prevented or mitigated by having an appropriate nuclear security regime in place that addresses all risks, including cybersecurity. This means, for instance, having an appropriate legal and regulatory framework, having responsibilities assigned to the right competent authorities and ensuring that operators have developed appropriate systems and measures to detect, assess and respond to a cybersecurity incident.

This online workshop will explore cybersecurity challenges for operators taking into account differing levels of maturity of the regulatory framework and with a view to positioning cybersecurity as a key risk to be managed within the organisation. The pre-workshop material will set the scene by providing material related to the overall context. The live sessions will identify international best practices and lessons learned that will help the different stakeholders to reduce the risk posed by cyberthreat actors.


The overall objective of this workshop is to provide attendees with an overview of cybersecurity in the nuclear industry, including challenges, terminology, relevant best practices and standards and focusing then on the operating organisation within this context. The key findings of this workshop will contribute to the WINS International Best Practice Guide on Cybersecurity for the Nuclear Industry that WINS will publish in 2022.

The workshop will address the following main topics:


  • Cybersecurity in the context of the nuclear industry.
  • Cyber elements of the threat (both insiders and external adversaries) and the vulnerabilities that may be exploited.
  • The types of attacks that may be carried out by cyberthreats, its vectors and potential consequences to organisations and society.
  • International instruments and the nature of the different responsibilities at an international scale and within a State for cybersecurity, including regulatory bodies, operators, and providers in the supply chain.


  • The key elements – and importance - of developing, implementing and evaluating an effective cybersecurity risk management strategy as part of a wider organisational or enterprise risk management strategy.
  • How organisations can evaluate cybersecurity risk and assess the performance of their cybersecurity programmes to reduce cybersecurity risks to an acceptable level.
  • The importance of the cybersecurity component of the nuclear security culture as part of the wider organisational culture that supports the performance of an organisation.
  • Best practices and lessons learned on measures to effectively sustain cybersecurity programmes.


  • The impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the nuclear sector.
  • Emerging cybersecurity threats due to the deployment of advanced technologies at nuclear facilities, including the digitalisation and automation of existing and new systems and components, artificial intelligence, robotics and remotely operated weapons systems, etc.
  • Risks and challenges of advanced reactor technologies including small modular reactors.
  • Staying ahead of curve: Sharing operational experience and reliable information on the cyber threat to plan and respond effectively.


 WINS will welcome participation from the following experts and organisations:

  • Nuclear operators in charge of cybersecurity
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Policy makers
  • Government official related to cybersecurity
  • Security personnel related to cybersecurity
  • Academics/researchers
  • Law enforcement organisations
  • International organisations

WINS is promoting gender parity and diversity in its events. The event will have both female and male subject matter experts and in addition female delegates and people from all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply to participate in this workshop.


This professionally facilitated online workshop will bring together international cybersecurity specialists and leading thinkers including subject matter experts on nuclear security. The event will follow a remote engagement approach in which the audience will be challenged to identify and share best practices and lessons learned on this important topic.

WINS will organise the online engagement as follows:

  • Three live sessions on 12, 13 and 14 October 2021 from 02:30 PM to 05:30 PM Vienna time.
  • Will include live interaction with the attendees to further discuss the topics covered by the on-demand sessions. These sessions will include a virtual plenary, virtual break-out groups, polls, and case studies.
  • On-demand content: additional presentations, case studies, suggestions for further readings, etc.

WINS will provide participants the opportunity to interact amongst themselves and with subject matter experts to exchange their thoughts and professional experiences on the topic.

All elements of this online workshop will be conducted in English and draw only on unclassified information. Based on the various presentations and discussions, WINS will produce an event report highlighting the key findings of the event.

The event materials will be available on the WINS website after the workshop.


Contact Information

Álvaro Acevedo   Alvaro Acevedo
Programme Manager
+43 1 710 6519 10

Mehri Avlyakulova   Mehri Avlyakulova
Administrative Assistant
+43 6763958136


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