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Online Workshop on Security Considerations for Nuclear Supply Chain Management

14 April 2021 - 15 April 2021 Online, Public Event

Applications for this event are closed
Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


Applications are closed. If you have any questions, please contact bettina.lock@wins.org

Over the past few decades, the nuclear supply chain has experienced a number of significant changes. As nuclear power plants continue to operate longer than originally planned due to life extension programs, the availability of suitable spare parts has become limited as many of the original manufacturers are no longer in business. In response, facility operators are looking to more readily use commercial grade items – while needing to ensure that they are not counterfeit, fraudulent or suspect items. At the same time, the increasing reliance on digital systems combined with the continued globalization of the IT industry has increased the need to ensure cyber security is maintained throughout the entire supply chain. Additionally, the use of service suppliers, such as contractor personnel and transportation, necessitates the need for procurement processes that consider nuclear security risks. Finally, in countries embarking on nuclear power programmes for the first time, there is a desire to localise as much of the supply chain as possible. This too may introduce risks to nuclear safety and security if the necessary qualification and oversight processes are not in place.


WINS organised a 2-day online workshop to review the main security considerations for supply chain management in the nuclear industry including cybersecurity challenges.

The workshop covered the following areas:

Introduction of the nuclear supply chain and supply chain security

  • Introduction of the nuclear supply chain and recent trends
  • Principles of supply chain security
  • Counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect items
  • Role of regulations in securing the supply chain

Cybersecurity and the supply chain

  • Critical cyber or digital assets
  • Digitalisation of instrumentation and control systems
  • Risks related to “off the shelf” IT systems
  • Ensuring cyber security throughout the supply chain

Security of service suppliers

  • Security considerations related to the use of contractor personnel
  • Procurement of transportation and logistical services
  • Role of management systems to ensure oversight

Embarking countries and the supply chain

  • Industrial involvement and localization of the supply chain
  • Qualifying local industries to participate
  • Fostering a dialogue between the NPP vendor and local industry


 WINS will welcome participation from the following experts and organisations:

  • Nuclear operators
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Policy makers
  • Reactor vendors
  • Component suppliers and inspection services
  • Security specialists
  • Nuclear facilities manufacturers/developers
  • Academics/researchers
  • Law enforcement organisations
  • International organisations

WINS is promoting gender parity and diversity in its events. Female delegates are highly encouraged to apply to this workshop.


This online workshop brought together international nuclear security specialists and leading thinkers including subject matter experts on nuclear supply chain management. The event followed a remote engagement approach in which the audience was challenged to identify and share best practices and lessons learned on this important topic.

WINS will organise the online engagement as follows:

  • Two live sessions on 14 and 15 April 2021 from 02:30 to 05:30 PM Vienna time.
  • Will include live interaction with the attendees to further discuss the topics covered by the on-demand sessions. These sessions will include a virtual plenary, virtual break-out groups, polls and case studies.
  • On-demand content: additional presentations, case studies, suggestions for further readings, etc.

WINS will provide participants the opportunity to interact amongst themselves and with the subject matter experts to exchange their thoughts and professional experiences on the topic.

All elements of this online workshop will be conducted in English and draw only on unclassified information. Based on the various presentations and discussions, WINS will produce an event report highlighting the key findings of the event.


Contact Information

   Alvaro Acevedo

   Bettina Lock

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