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Virtual Roundtable on Strengthening the Coordination of International Programmes involved in the Adoption of Alternative Technologies

10 December 2020 - 10 December 2020 Online, Selected Audience

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Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


Date: 10 December 2020, 16:00 – 18:30 CET

(Please note this roundtable was postponed from 19 November to 10 December 2020)

Developing a comprehensive and sustainable approach to radioactive source security requires the proper management of these sources and their protection by adequate security arrangements throughout their lifecycle. To increase security resilience, the total amount of radioactive material in circulation must be decreased, strict control over the radioactive sources in use must be enforced, and a strong security culture must be fostered.

At the international level, multiple efforts support the safe and secure use of radioactive sources through a range of activities aimed at strengthening the competencies of the people using or regulating these sources. International efforts also include programmes, especially in the healthcare sector, that support the purchase, delivery and commissioning of sources and associated devices and technologies to less developed countries. These international initiatives have more recently included programmes to support the development of non-isotopic alternative technologies to radioactive sources, to incentivise countries and users to adopt such technologies and to ensure the proper disposal of disused sources. If properly implemented, the transition towards alternative technologies has a significant impact on radiological security matters.

Experience shows that international efforts might not be fully coordinated and that some overlap, duplication of efforts or conflicting priorities exist. In some cases a sponsor has funded the replacement of radioactive sources and associated devices by an alternative technology, while another sponsor was funding the purchase of a new similar source-based device in the very same country. In addition, at the request of its Member States, the IAEA is still providing high activity sources through its technical cooperation programme while some other IAEA activities are clearly encouraging the adoption of alternative technologies.


WINS identified and reached out to the most influential international stakeholders involved in the development, procurement, commissioning and disposal of radiation equipment and invited them to attend a virtual roundtable to conduct a comprehensive review of their activities to better understand their objectives and how they influence the process.

The discussions were based on real-life experiences and the main lessons learned from those who have been involved in international activities and programmes. Case studies were used to demonstrate the diversity of parties involved and how decision makers can influence which equipment or which technology will actually be used.

The roundtable served as an opportunity for participating organisations to better know each other and identify gaps and opportunities for enhancing their respective coordination and contributions. Participants were asked to have open discussions, express their own perspectives, and offer suggestions for improving the collective approach to the topic. In particular, participating organisations were expected to share with the group what their missions and objectives are, what they are doing regarding collaboration and partnerships, which gaps they see and which opportunities they would be willing to explore.

The discussions aimed at identifying follow-up actions to strengthen the coordination between international organisations and programmes, including an effective and sustainable mechanism to share information on achievements and plans. Whenever possible, follow-up actions will build on already existing programmes and forums of exchange.


The discussions covered all applications of radiation technologies including for medical (blood irradiation, oncology, etc.), industrial (sterilisation, radiography, well-logging), agricultural (phytosanitary and SIT) and research purposes. This virtual roundtable was open to 25/30 participants

The rountable was open to representatives from:

  • International organisations and initiatives, including those funding devices for their members or for research, international development and health projects
  • Organisations supporting usage of irradiation or applications within irradiation (such as health, agriculture, etc.) via governance (especially guidance, standards or accreditation), research or advocacy
  • Organisations that use high activity radioactive sources and/or alternative technologies
  • Manufacturers of alternative technology devices and associated R&D organisations
  • Regulatory authorities and other governmental organisations


Relevant materials


Session 1: International programmes and existing mechanisms to ensure their coordination

  • Presentation on Combining International Efforts for Strengthening National Radiation Therapy Capabilities by Sorin Repanovici, CNCAN, Romania

Session 2: Leading the change: Challenges and opportunities

  • Presentation on on Accelerator Technologies: Current Status and IAEA Activities by Valeriia Starovoitova, NAPC, IAEA

  • Presentation on Strengthening National Cancer Care Resources by Mulape Kanduza, Cancer Diseases Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia


In preparation for the roundtable, participants were also encouraged to listen to the following podcast on the Ad Hoc Working Group of Stakeholder States involved with Alternative Technologies to High Activity Radioactive Sources (A discussion between WINS Head of Programmes Pierre Legoux and Renate Czarwinski, Former Chair of the Ad Hoc Working Group, Germany)

* Podcast music by "Interplanetary Forest and Pure Water" by 'Meydan' licensed under CC BY 4.0. Podcast produced by Melanie Lock


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   Pierre Legoux

   Bettina Lock

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