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WINS Alumni Network Event: Connecting Nuclear Security Professionals Globally

02 July 2019 - 03 July 2019 Vienna, Austria

Applications for this event are closed
Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


Protecting and securing nuclear and other radioactive material, preventing its theft and misuse, and protecting material in transport and facilities from sabotage requires nuclear security professionals with demonstrable competence. Professional certification is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate individual competence and to build, strengthen and sustain national capacity in nuclear security for the benefit of all.

The WINS Academy supports the certification of nuclear security professionals with responsibility for nuclear security management around the world. By making a commitment to achieving professional certification, WINS Academy Alumni demonstrate their personal commitment to the achievement of demonstrable competence in nuclear security.

Since its commencement in 2014, the WINS Academy has welcomed over 1200 participants from more than 90 countries. More than 350 Academy participants have now completed their certification and become part of a global network of Certified Nuclear Security Professionals (CNSPs).

Impact of the WINS Academy Programme

‘On a personal level, I learned to believe more in myself. My achievement proved to me that I am a risk taker who is able to challenge my abilities. Today, when I look in the mirror, I believe in the woman who is staring back at me. Creating milestones has become a daily pursuit, designing small wins that keep me moving forward, and the knowledge that turning around isn’t an option anymore. I have more achievements waiting for me!’ Sara AH (UAE)

‘Upskilling by undertaking the WINS Academy Programme is extremely beneficial as it doesn’t matter which module you undertake, certification with WINS will enhance any CV, boosting your skills and career.’ Iain B (UK)

‘The WINS Academy Programme changed my perception of nuclear security from being solely the responsibility of the security department to that of all stakeholders at the organizational and national level.’ Uchechukwu A (Nigeria)

‘As a dedicated career woman, I was destined to find something that bridged the gap of my absences (due to pregnancy leave) and fulfilled my inspiration to develop professionally. Enrolling in the WINS Academy did that and more. Not only have I felt a reinstated purpose for my job and its respective duties by completing the course, but it has also given me a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of my superiors, my country and nuclear security globally.’ Kate P (Canada)


  • To connect CNSPs from around the globe
  • To enable CNSPs to reflect on their journey toward certification, recertification and beyond
  • To consider how the status of nuclear security management can be further enhanced
  • To identify additional opportunities for strengthening the CNSP community
  • To review current challenges and opportunities for nuclear security professionals


This was the first event that brought together WINS Academy Alumni from all over the world to discuss the impact that the programme has had on their career, to reflect on improvements that can be made to the learning service in regard to their own learning journey, and to strengthen their networks with each other.


Facilitated Event

The Alumni Event was held in English. Attendees’ participation was supported by WINS and no registration fee was required.

In line with WINS’ innovative approach, this interactive, professionally facilitated event included presentations, group discussions and case studies that enabled participants to further explore the topics.

An instant electronic voting system was also used so participants could provide their views anonymously to various questions put to the audience. Discussions were subject to Chatham House rules (what was said can be reported but not attributed).

Contact Information

   Rhonda Evans

   Bettina Lock

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Arcotel Kaiserwasser
Wagramer Strasse 8
1220 Vienna