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Workshop on Strengthening Radioactive Source Security: Assessing and Establishing an Effective Security Culture

06 March 2019 - 07 March 2019 Chicago, United States

Applications for this event are closed
Workshop on autonomous and remotely operated systems: Benefits and challenges to nuclear security


Radioactive materials play an important role in medical, research and commercial facilities. Many of these facilities are open to the public and cannot be locked down like other facilities that use similar materials. These public facilities implement security systems to protect the radioactive materials; however, a facility’s security culture can make or break the security system.

Security culture is a term used to describe the beliefs and behaviours people exhibit in relation to security. It is one of the most challenging aspects—and underlying vulnerabilities—in the practical implementation of security. This workshop will discuss the role of security culture in a facility’s security system and why a strong security culture is so important for protecting radioactive materials. The workshop will also explore how disposing of radioactive materials or using alternative non-radioisotopic technologies will impact a facility’s security culture.


  • To understand the threat to radioactive materials, including the potential motivations of adversary groups and individuals;
  • To appreciate the particular threat posed by insiders and how to mitigate the threat;
  • To develop a common understanding of what an effective security culture looks like and how it can mitigate threats;
  • To identify the respective roles and responsibilities of licensees and regulators in establishing an effective and sustainable security culture;
  • To review methodologies for measuring the level of security awareness and good culture in an organisation, assessing the results and implementing change;
  • To identify possible incentives to encourage staff to adopt security best practices as a normal part of their daily work lives;
  • To identify training opportunities to improve the competency of staff;
  • To explore the use of peer review as a method for an independent assessment of security culture and identifying areas for improvements; and
  • To explore permanent threat reduction approaches through the adoption of alternative technologies.
The discussions will be supported by the following publications:
  • WINS International Best Practice Guides 1.4 on Nuclear Security Culture and 5.1 on Security of High Activity Radioactive Sources
  • WINS Performance and Evaluation Series: Peer Review Guidelines to Assess the Security of Radioactive Sources Used in Medical Applications
  • WINS Special Publication: Considerations for the Adoption of Alternative Technologies to Replace Radioactive Sources


  • Representatives from organisations that use activity radioactive sources (medical, academic and industry);
  • Representatives from radioactive source producers, device manufacturers and service (maintenance) companies;
  • Representatives from regulatory authorities; and
  • Representatives from professional associations and international organisations.
  • Process

    Facilitated Workshop

    Participation will be limited, so please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to attend this event. Attendees will be expected to meet their own costs for travel and accommodation, but all the workshop related costs will be met by the organisers. No registration fee is required.

    In line with WINS’ innovative approach to Best Practice Workshops, this event will be interactive and professionally facilitated. The workshop will be built around a number of presentations, group discussions and case studies to further explore the topic.

    An Instant Electronic Voting system will be used to allow participants to anonymously vote using keypads, providing their views on questions put to the workshop. Discussions will be subject to “Chatham House” rules (what was said can be reported but not attributed).

    Contact Information

       Raquel Delgado

       Bettina Lock

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    Wintrust Hall
    16 E. Pearson Street
    60611 Chicago
    United States