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3.4 Managing Internal Threats

WINS 27 Mar 2019

This WINS International Best Practice Guide addresses the threat from insiders.

The guide explains that insiders have access, authority and knowledge that make them a particularly powerful threat to an organisation that is responsible for the security of nuclear and other radioactive material. The guide explains what might motivate people to do harm and how to recognise the signs that an individual might have become a security risk.

In addition, the guide explains how to develop a balanced insider mitigation programme, including how to identify potential targets and vulnerabilities and strengthen security practices and culture. The guide also emphasises the need to ensure effective material control and accounting (MC&A), to carefully vet potential employees, and to use surveillance effectively.

Finally, the guide emphasises the need to address security incidents quickly and fairly, welcome whistle-blowers, and guard against complacency.

A special feature (Appendix C) provides an exercise that will help organisations assess their preparedness to counter insider threat.

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3.4 Managing Internal Threats

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