Ali Alkis

Ali Alkis

Hacettepe University



I am a Certified Nuclear Security Professional, a Nuclear Scholar in the UK’s Nuclear Security Culture Programme, and a Ph.D. student at the Department of International Relations at Hacettepe University. Most importantly, I am the WINS Ambassador for Turkey as of April 2022. I have always believed in the strength of academic research and studies to better understand the world around us. And after personally experiencing a suicidal car bombing attack in Somalia in 2015, I have started to focus on security studies academically. And as a result of my deepening interest in terrorism and security studies, I focused on nuclear terrorism and efforts to prevent and detect, and respond to it, in other words, nuclear security. With this ambition, I obtained my MA degree from the Department of International Relations at Hacettepe University with the thesis titled “Threat of Nuclear Terrorism: Towards an Effective Nuclear Security Regime” in 2017. Yet, there is so much to research and learn about nuclear security. This is why I started the Ph.D. program in the same department. Additionally, being from Turkey, a nuclear newcomer state, makes me commit myself deeper to nuclear security to contribute to the development, implementation, and sustainment of Turkey's national nuclear security regime. As a firm believer in nuclear security, I also believe Turkey has a significant potential for learning from international partners' experiences and further developing the international nuclear security regime. With all of these in my mind, I am both excited and ready to do my best as a WINS Ambassador. I know it will be physically tiring and intellectually demanding, but I have the personal and academic passion, patience, and strength for such a challenging journey. And I am more than pleased to make use of my academic skills to contribute to nuclear security.

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