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🌐 Ali Alkis, NTI’s Emerging Nuclear Security Leader | WINS Ambassador to Türkiye | Ph.D. Candidate | Nuclear Security Professional🌐 📍 Ankara, Türkiye Greetings! I am Ali Alkis, NTI's emerging nuclear security leader and serving as the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Ambassador to Türkiye. I am concurrently pursuing a Ph.D. at Hacettepe University in Ankara. My professional journey is driven by a commitment to advancing global security through expertise in nuclear security, non-proliferation, and counterterrorism. 🚀 Professional Highlights: 🌍 Emerging Leader, NTI’s Global Dialogue: Recognized as one of the emerging leaders in the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s Global Dialogue on Nuclear Security Priorities, I engage in shaping discussions and strategies for a more secure world. 🌟 WINS Ambassador to Türkiye: Representing the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) in Türkiye, I actively contribute to fostering international collaboration in nuclear security. 🎓 Ph.D. Candidate at Hacettepe University: Committed to scholarly excellence, I am currently immersed in research at Hacettepe University, focusing on nuclear security, non-proliferation, and the intersection of Turkish nuclear policies and foreign affairs. 🌈 Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy: As a proud member of the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy, I am dedicated to promoting gender equality and diversity within the nuclear policy sphere, creating an inclusive environment within the field. 🌐 Father of the Term "Nuclear Piracy": Proudly credited as the originator of the term "nuclear piracy," I have contributed a novel perspective to the discourse on nuclear security. 💼 Research Interests: My research encompasses a broad spectrum, including nuclear security, non-proliferation, nuclear terrorism, and nuclear piracy, as well as analyzing Turkish nuclear policies and foreign relations. Let's connect to share insights, foster collaboration, and contribute to a safer world through our shared dedication to nuclear security: 📞 Phone: +90 532 1628364 ✉️ Email:


Ali Alkış is a nuclear security professional and an advocate for non-proliferation and the prevention of nuclear terrorism. Currently serving as the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) Ambassador to Türkiye, Ali is also pursuing a PhD in International Relations at Hacettepe University, where his research focuses on nuclear security during armed conflict and national nuclear security regimes for nuclear newcomer states. Furthermore, Alkış is one of the emerging leaders of the NTI’s Global Dialogue on Nuclear Security Priorities. Ali actively contributes to the nuclear security community through his role as a member of the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy. He is dedicated to advancing gender equality and inclusivity within nuclear security initiatives. Ali's research interests cover a wide range of topics, including nuclear security, non-proliferation, nuclear terrorism, Turkish nuclear and foreign policies, and the relationship between Turkey and NATO. He specifically examines Turkish security policies within the context of NATO's extended deterrence and analyzes the benefits that Turkey derives from its partnership with NATO. Ali has contributed to various publications, including articles, book chapters, interviews, and op-eds, published in reputable platforms such as the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the International Journal of Nuclear Security, Elsevier, the Journal of Nuclear Sciences, the Stimson Center, the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium, and others. In addition to his academic pursuits, Ali is committed to raising awareness and educating others about nuclear security issues and the dynamics of Turkish-NATO relations. He actively participates in workshops, events, and meetups related to nuclear security, sharing his expertise and contributing to the collective understanding of these important subjects. Through his social media presence, Ali strives to provide valuable nuclear security information and insights on Turkish-NATO relations to a wider audience. Ali Alkış's experience, affiliations, and research make him a respected figure in the field of nuclear security. He remains committed to collaborating with international stakeholders and advancing nuclear security initiatives while exploring the complexities of Turkish-NATO relations. His work contributes to the global efforts aimed at creating a safer and more secure world.

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