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Ekaette Bassey

Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority



As a staff of a nuclear regulatory body charged with the responsibility of communicating effectively on the safety and security of activities involving radioactive materials and practices in Nigeria and the world at large. Considering the myth in the nuclear sector, only proper dissemination of authorized information will ensure safety and security in the industry and also promote trust in the public especially in a country like mine, Nigeria, which is embarking on a nuclear power plant project. It is my believe that only an informed world can appreciate the benefits nuclear technologies offer and thus ensure the safety and security of nuclear and radioactive materials which will lead to a safe and peaceful world. As a trained communicator working daily with technical colleagues , I am aware of the sensitivity of information and thus that messages must be designed and sent to target audience in a well thought out and easy to understand approach but without loosing the intended message in the process of simplifying it. These has compelled me to broaden my knowledge in nuclear science and best practices in the regulatory practices so as to communicate effectively to the relevant stakeholders.

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Nuclear Security Incident Management