Osama El Natsheh

Osama El Natsheh

Jordan Atomic Energy Commission



I'm Health physicist, I have more than 20 years experience in the radiation field, like predisposal of radioactive waste management, transport of radioactive material, radiation safety and protection, detection, monitoring, calibration, swap (leakage) test, evaluation RN equipments and identify (characterize) the RN. I did run the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Lab (SSDL) , Operated the radioactive waste management storage and I am one of three person team established the Uranium Laboratory. I developed a handbook in Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) for Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources, wrote a Waste Acceptance Criteria for Storage, and am a member of the team that produced the Policy for Radioactive Waste Management, drafted a Strategy for Radioactive Waste Management, Safety Case for radioactive waste storage. I have also produced the procedures regarding the central radioactive waste storage facility. In addition to composing a Transport Plan for Fresh Fuel, and a Preliminary Decommissioning Plan for the Jordan Research and Training Reactor. In addition I generate a Code of Practice for the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Lab (SSDL) and Safety Assessment Report (SAR) for the Gamma Irradiation Facility Also I developed a computer program (Laboratory Information Management System -LIMS) for the Uranium analytical Lab using PHP and MySQL languages, and an analytical program for the data received from the radiation monitoring stations in Jordan using LabView program. I have two WINS Academy certificates, one in Radioactive Source Security Management and the other in Transport Security Management.

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