Pablo César Aliendre Cabañas

Pablo César Aliendre Cabañas

Autoridad Reguladora Radiológica y Nuclear (ARRN)



- Bachelor of Physics – National University of Asunción. - Currently in the stage of preparing the Thesis and Internship of the Master's Degree in Physics of Radioprotection - National University of Asunción. - Professor of the Physics Chair and Head of Physics Laboratories in Colleges and Universities (2010 – 2018). - General Director of Licensing and Control of the ARRN (From March 2022 to the present). - Director of Security and Safeguard of the ARRN (From February 2019 to March 2022). - Interim Director of International Relations and Projects of the ARRN (From September 2019 to the present). - National Liaison Assistant (NLA) of Paraguay with the IAEA (From July 2020 to the present). - Certified Radioactive Source Security Professional (CRSP) – WINS (Since May 2021). - WINS Academy Ambassador (Since February 2022).

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Gestión de la Seguridad Física de Fuentes Radioactivas