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Information Circular

Minimising the Use of Highly Enriched Uranium

Jan 30 2017
Statement on behalf of Norway
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The joint declaration, encompasses the commitment of various nations,, to minimize and eventually eliminate the use of highly enriched uranium (UME) in civilian applications.


The signatory states recognize their national and international responsibilities in this matter and emphasize the importance of reducing UME quantities to mitigate the risk of terrorist groups acquiring such materials.


The declaration also includes a template for voluntary reporting mechanism designed to monitor progress related to the removal, conversion, downblending, disposition, and stocks of HEU.



The joint declaration involves a commitment to implement a comprehensive plan aimed at minimising and ultimately eliminating the use of UME in civilian applications.


The outlined elements of the plan include refraining from using UME in new civil installations, converting or halting UME reactors, supporting the development of high-density low-enriched uranium (UPE) fuels through international cooperation, and actively participating in regional initiatives to reduce or eliminate UME.


The declaration also emphasises the importance of degrading or permanently disposing of UME stocks when economically and technically feasible and encourages the establishment of a voluntary information mechanism overseen by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to monitor progress.


Additionally, alternative methods for obtaining medical isotopes without using UME are highlighted, with a focus on accelerating the approval of licenses for non-UME production. Importantly, the declaration emphasises adherence to international agreements and legal frameworks in exporting UME, specifically for medical isotope production or disposal purposes.

Is your country committed to the INFCIRC/912 initiative?

Commitments from the governments of Norway, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Korea, Republic of, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Luxembourg