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Information Circular

Radiological Terrorism Preparedness and Response

Dec 07 2016
Statement on behalf of Republic of Korea
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It highlights the critical importance of readiness in the face of nuclear terrorism threats and emphasises the imperative need for all nations to fortify their nuclear emergency preparedness and response capabilities.



National Policies and Plans:

  • Develop and maintain comprehensive national response plans and policies for nuclear terrorism preparedness, including local guidance


Technical Expertise and Capabilities:

  • Identify and respond to nuclear terrorism incidents and threats, including radiological assessment, emergency medical training, and decontamination.


Public Communications and Education:

  • Create strategic communication for safety awareness and swift public information dissemination in a nuclear terrorism incident.


Sustainment of Capabilities

  • Maintain capabilities through ongoing education and training for national, local, and multinational partners in nuclear terrorism preparedness and response.


International coordination and assistance mechanisms:

  • Establish international coordination and assistance mechanisms in line with relevant international legal instruments, including conventions and organisations like the UN, IAEA, INTERPOL, GICNT, and GP


The subscriber countries also commit to enhance both national and international nuclear terrorism preparedness and response capabilities by:

  • National Readiness: Commitment to maintain and improve national capabilities, including drills for interagency cooperation.
  • Resource Sharing: Support for sharing expertise, training, and resources for global preparedness.
  • Promoting Best Practices: Endorsing international guidelines for strengthening capabilities.
  • Sharing Experience: Sharing insights from real-world incidents for improvement.
  • Supporting Exercises: Encouraging exercises for readiness and international collaboration.


Is your country committed to the INFCIRC/904 initiative?

Commitments from the governments of Korea, Republic of, Australia, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Romania, Malaysia