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Information Circular



IAEA Information Circulars, or INFCIRCs are a vehicle to distribute critical information and address topics of broad interest to the Member States of the IAEA. The circulars are presented by a member state on behalf of other countries. Fostering global cooperation, in the realm of nuclear security, INFCIRCs are instrumental in promoting global cooperation and communication, playing a pivotal role in enhancing nuclear security.




To become a subscriber of an INFCIRCs:

  1. Your country’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Vienna: informs the sponsoring Member State of your country’s intent to subscribe, and
  2. Sends a note verbale to the Secretariat of the IAEA informing that your country would like to subscribe to an INFCIRC and request such official communication be circulated as an INFCIRC document to all IAEA Member States.


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