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Join WINS We are committed to promoting dialogue, problem-solving, networking and information-sharing among nuclear security professionals worldwide.

The WINS Academy

Demonstrable competence and professional certification is the norm in nearly all professions, be it medicine, teaching, engineering, project management or a host of other skilled endeavours. No one would consider attending an appointment with a lawyer, accountant, dentist or nurse unless they were confident that the person they were seeing was both academically qualified and professionally certified. Yet our work on Best Practice Guides, workshops, and interactions with industry and other nuclear security practitioners has highlighted a stark fact: there is a lack of accredited courses and no structure of required competences for the profession of nuclear security management.

The WINS Academy is changing this.

The Academy provides practitioners with accountabilities for nuclear security with opportunities to earn competency-based certification through a suite of professional development modules organised around key functional roles in management and leadership, including for non-security personnel. In addition, we are establishing partnerships and an accreditation methodology that provides voluntary, internationally recognised quality assurance outcomes for training offered by organisations that seek to provide excellent and relevant security management programmes.

The certification programme is based on a series of Modules that use a problem-based approach to learning that is practitioner-focused, hands-on, cross-functional and immediately useful. Each module takes 40 hours of study to complete and all WINS Academy participants take the core Foundation Module and then choose an elective; the choice of the elective will depend on the participant’s area of responsibility. The certification programme can be completed entirely online. After completing the training, participants have the opportunity to take a proctored exam; if they pass, they are certified by WINS as a Certified Nuclear Security Professional and join the WINS Academy Alumni Network, so that they can benefit from continued professional development and help promote the benefits of certification.

For more information about our programme, click here to view the latest WINS Academy Course Structure.

Get involved in the process

We encourage our members to help us promote the need for certification in Nuclear Security management and the WINS Academy. (If you aren’t a member yet, please join us today!)

Send your ideas and suggestions to Tell us what you think Nuclear Security leaders and practitioners need to know to make Nuclear Security more effective and better integrated with other departments in your organisation.

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Join WINS We are committed to promoting dialogue, problem-solving, networking and information-sharing among nuclear security professionals worldwide.