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WINS Annual Report 2017

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We are pleased to present our 2017 Annual Report!

This report highlights how we contributed to our ten strategic objectives in 2016 through our commitment to providing services that focus on high quality knowledge exchange and professional development and certification for nuclear security management. It also lays out our strategic targets for 2017.

Our WINS Academy module on Nuclear Security for Scientists, Technicians and Engineers includes a foreword by marine ecologist Rafe Sagarin, author of Natural Security: A Darwinan Approach to a Dangerous World. Sagarin wrote that, “Real symbiotic relationships only form, and are only successful, when they are created to address a real challenge that could not have been solved by the partners acting alone.”

We strongly support this statement and decided to make symbiosis the theme of our 2017 Report. In doing so, we wanted to emphasise the importance of building networks and partnerships among organisations and individuals with responsibilities for nuclear security. Achieving our strategic objectives requires all stakeholders to work together in a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship because none of us can achieve our objectives alone.

We hope you enjoy reading the report and welcome any feedback you might have.

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Annual Report 2017